Polls show that 1/7 people worldwide believe the coming “the end of the world”

Beijing, May 2 (xinhua) according to & other; Cna & throughout; 1, reports, research firm ipsos global public affairs to a new survey shows that nearly 15% of people believe that their lifetime to meet & other; The end of the world & throughout; , 10% of people think, & other; Throughout the end &; Will come this year.

the time spans about 5125 of the mayan calendar to end on December 21 this year, so speculation, from all walks of life & other; The end of the world & throughout; Will come on this day.

the implementation of the poll ipsos global public affairs company manager said gottfried, one in every seven people think & other; The end & lsquo; The coming way, including god hands over the world, natural disasters or political events.

said gottfried, & other; It may be that an interpretation of the mayan prophecy by media attention, that is to say, the world will have the 2012 & lsquo; End & rsquo; . Throughout the &; She points out that part of the mayan scholars have refuted this interpretation method.

these scholars pointed out that the calendar used by the ancient mayan civilization did not predict the world will be destroyed in December this year. They mentioned re-examine the mayan inscriptions in 2012, believed that this year is the calendar the end of an era, rather than & other; The end of the world & throughout; .

ipsos interviewed 16300 people in more than 20 countries, found that only 6% of French people believe they will experience & other; The end of the world & throughout; , Turkey and the United States with 22% of people believe that; South Africa and Argentina is slightly lower than the proportion of Turkey and the United States.

think this lifetime will meet & other; The end of the world & throughout; Belgian people accounted for 7%, and 8% hold this view of the British public.

the global respondents, and about 1/10 said to & other; The end of the world & throughout; May this year arrival feel fear. Most people with such concerns in Russia and Poland, the lowest.

gottfried also points out that under the age of 35, ethnicity, family income and education level is low or fewer people, tend to believe that this lifetime or in this year will suffer & other; The end of the world & throughout; , or worrying about the such a possibility.

she explains, & other; This may be because older people have experienced many things, don’t worry too much about what will happen in the future. Throughout the &;