Popular media pack adult “black jokes” network: a parody impartiality is cathartic

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a while ago, du fu on the network of all kinds of PS as widely circulated, spawned & other; Du fu is very busy & throughout; The claim. These days, du fu rested, but the enthusiasm of the netizen spoof. In the beginning writer & other; Two color landscape ga & throughout; Wrote on weibo & other; Micro kaifeng & throughout; Jokes, of which about pack adult & other; Black & throughout; Jokes especially by holding, netizens found new spoof object, to pack adult & other; Black & throughout; Make up the characteristics of all kinds of jokes to ridicule, for a moment, also pack adult & other Busy & throughout; To get up.

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the net friend has always been one of the most creative group, you just can find a topic when his boringness parody, it in the network is the norm. Every two days to who, what, what body series is very busy, is the crystallization of collective wisdom, and also have no malicious, is nothing more than entertainment, no one seriously, because as the saying goes: seriously, you lose.

– really funny. Net friend’s wit is available is out on this, whet mouth skin son to kill time.

/spoof the ancients there’re so many people oppose, the reason is that a little respect for the ancient people. Actually I think don’t need such online. A lot of the ancients in them that s not our hearts want to serious and unsmiling, but charming, unscrupulous. Moderately spoof condition to the ancients, add laughter in life and at the same time, it will make us more like them, what do you say?


given the recent spoof the ancients too popular, many people also a bit see not bottom go to, think that while some people are not out of spite to ridicule of the ancients, but, after all, is the history, the disrespect of the ancients and the traditional culture.

– didn’t think this have what funny, as boring as a spoof du fu.

/du fu finished, now need to bao zheng laid hands on him again! I don’t know what can make out what pattern. The next to suffer what could it be?



don’t make fun of pure entertainment

when weibo, users to spoof enthusiasm has risen to a new height, jokes spread quickly and widely has the sniper. But, in the face of the rapid hot spoof subjects, some Internet users as the ground to show their talent, while hot strength make up a few jokes gaps. Some Internet users as a way of recreation for the KanTie repost a good laugh, also calculate not fall, after the people know the network popular keywords. Of course, there are a lot of people have such these things online, say that parody is inappropriate, parody, today also can someone retort fought, the ancients is a parody is really lie in gun, in the later can’t clap brick, this is very unfair.

Said that

entertainment is right, inappropriate also can not deny the fact that the middle way, the attitude to the entertainment of the elders with some things in the moment, maybe better. Such as & other; Pack adult very busy & throughout; Version of telecom fraud prevention tips, etc, using the network popular language to attract young people, to achieve the purpose of publicity and education, popularize knowledge, the entertainment is perhaps & other; There can be a & throughout; .