Poster art nude by batch residents said beyond art itself (FIG.)

passing people looking at the poster.

ministry of commerce and industry said it would investigate

& other; Naked woman, half bent, turned cock hip & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; Such a sexy picture, in the downtown area of a human body art large advertising posters, the scale of disputed citizens and eyebrows. Many people think the poster is beyond the art itself, with obscenity and the flavor of sex, suggested that regulators clamp down on the AD.

merchants, explain advertising from art, just for show. Guangzhou city industrial and commercial bureau officials said the poster itself may not register for examination and approval by the ministry of commerce and industry, will be investigated.

article, figure/our reporter jie

for days, the reporter received a lot of citizens source, reflecting the liuhua road jinhan exhibition center in front of naked women. Yesterday, the reporter comes to here, in the 200 metres away, he saw the poster. The content of the poster for the exhibition center on 18 July to August 3, a body art exhibition, content is & other; Hot & throughout; & ndash; & ndash; For oil painting, picture of a naked woman woman a variety of positions, and the picture is about 4 meters long and 2 metres wide, was hung in the exhibition hall at the gate of conspicuous position, and China hotel is liuhua road.

raised eyebrows residents dispute sound

reporter in front of the poster stand watch for half an hour, found that after passing citizens see the poster, the eyes see a few eye would slow down the pace. And with the children took to the streets in sight at ms after advertising, deliberately hiding the children. & other; This also do too dew, children see bad influence. Throughout the &; Truth & other ms; Can’t accept & throughout; .

another resident, said liu, who understand the intention of exhibition institutions hung posters, & other; But also pay attention to the impact, to take care of most people’s feelings. Throughout the &;

show: there is nothing wrong with advertising

reporter has the poster about the exhibition centre staff, response, according to advertising for propaganda center for the human body, because art exhibition, & other; Is nothing wrong with feeling & throughout; . Reporters then contacted the exhibition organizers, the organizers director also said that the poster is just a normal advertising posters, does not involve pornographic propaganda, hope people can use the view of art.

indecent advertisements more difficult to maintain?

it is understood that the “advertisement law” regulation: & other; Ads must not contain any pornographic content & throughout; . In practice, however, but for some indecent means of advertising is difficult to define. , said an official with the regulation of the “advertisement law” and relevant laws and regulations not & other; Obscene & throughout; Quantitative standard definition, exists in the legal & other; Vacuum & throughout; , it gives some advertisers & other; Play ball & throughout; The opportunity.

& other; Some misleading advertising easy, with pornographic vision, but advertisers often interpreted as creative content, even from for artistic creation, confusing concept, and affect the enforcement of the law. Throughout the &;

: industrial and commercial poster against morality

, said an official with the guangzhou city industrial and commercial bureau of relevant regulatory jinhan exhibition center front of the picture of a controversial naked women advertising posters itself may not register for examination and approval by the ministry of commerce and industry.

for specific qualitative problems on naked girls advertising posters, city industrial and commercial bureau officials said: & other; For the poster is obscene and indecent issues, will be investigated. Throughout the &;