Practice CCTV anchorwoman with l & quot; Bump face & quot; Appearance pure (FIG.)

sequence chess (left), l image: Taiwan's

sequence chess (left), l image: Taiwan’s “news today”

Beijing, Jan. 24 (xinhua) according to Taiwan “today news” news, recently, the CCTV appeared pure face. Interns sequence from the mainland media university, to sit on the CCTV anchor. Although the broadcast upset in the morning time, but with pure and fresh and free from vulgarity face, plus and artists l & other Bump face & throughout; , immediately attracted attention, more media call her & lsquo; Small l & rsquo; .

19 at 3 am, sequence is to practice the host identity on CCTV anchor. 1 hour after selection, broadcast, sequence is natural and graceful, have no intense emotion, also did not appear mistake, looks good.

it is understood that a total of eight original classmates recommended in CCTV, through professional quality inspection, finally left sequence is with another boy. Sequence of chess father said coolly, & other; It’s just a practice, does not represent a formal work, but it is a superior training stage, hope the daughter to use this opportunity to learn more, this is more important than to leave work. Throughout the &;

when apart from CCTV, the central people’s broadcasting station, dragon TV, jiangsu satellite TV and other media, to her invitation. The final sequence is listen to the views of the teacher Xu Minggan decided to choose CCTV internship, Xu Minggan said, & other; She asked for my opinion, I think that is more challenging in the CCTV platform. Throughout the &;