Preach guo worth nearly 700 million Internet users, is willing to spend 500 million to buy 50 cm in height

recently, mainland media reports & other; After the 80 & throughout; Guo ZuoGuQun representative worth nearly seven hundred million, once again aroused the concern of the public. 12 evening, a paper listed companies co-sponsored by the film and television announced that for the price of less than 180 million yuan from guo acquired the world culture development co., LTD. 26% stake in Shanghai, the guo to the focus of public opinion. Estimate found that guo worth nearly 700 million yuan. Many netizens, said guo small four is the hard money, the writer can be a billionaire, is a good thing. Also have a netizen, small four is not enough height, worth to gather together.

net friend @ fa – come on, & other; Is the money! A word a word to dig out! Throughout the &; Netizens @ Deng Runcheng think young people should learn his money. & other; Often to the so-called deadlines to 48 hours without sleep, efforts will eventually pay off! Throughout the &; Netizens @ R_FOR_REVENGE ridicule, & other; Height is not enough, worth to gather together! I think he is willing to spend 500 million to buy 50 cm tall. Throughout the &; (every day)