Precious in the people’s army embedded appeared: harm a person in the old Wolf (FIG.)

“the people’s army embedded”

& other; Day arakawa arakawa, shortage drought; Is illiterate, and illiterate. Don’t blame dad, don’t blame niang. The old days, harm the Wolf & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; Yesterday, the reporter saw the wuhan collectors Jiang Xiaoping a three-word chant, “” the people’s liberation army, the book published by the hubei military region political department, tells the story of the people’s liberation army holmes in the form of said just wait, is a book of the history of the party, holmes, political, military, economic and cultural knowledge in the integration of the people’s liberation army early cultural materials.

the book by the hubei military region political department seal, huanggang partition the reprinting of 77 chapters, including can’t read, study and learn to politics, culture, training, etc. From the revolution when it comes to the Anti-Japanese War and the liberation war, from the three discipline eight merit attention when it comes to kill, alumni, and even military tactics, such as the content is very rich. & other; In terms of collection, this book is very characteristic, keep well. Throughout the &; Wuhan collection of expert XiaoQin theory, in the form of embedded about revolutionary history is very interesting and easy to understand. (reporter woody)