President hoover had been “working” in China’s hebei province coal mine back to the United States

former President hoover

hoover autograph of stock in the qing dynasty

a 31st President of the United States hoover autograph of stock in the qing dynasty in shenyang museum. Little-known is, more than 100 years ago, hoover, 24, who had served as the United States and other White-collar & throughout; Have been sent to China hebei tangshan coal & other; Work & throughout; .

stocks have autographed

, reporter saw this twenty-seven years (1901 years) in the qing dynasty the ShangKaiPing mines co., LTD. (now in hebei province tangshan kailuan coal mine) issued a certificate of temporary shares, indicate in writing for one hundred million pounds, of the total capital stock per share for a pound, and the denomination of the share certificate for five stocks, numbered from 5126 to 5126.

in stock, general manager of the lower right corner column autograph for HC. Hoover.

how the former President of the United States became the general manager of a Chinese coal mine and mine sign the enterprise stock? Shenyang financial museum Liu Lei introduction, deputy director of the laboratory two years guangxu (1876), the northern trade minister appointed Shanghai ship China merchants agent tong king-sing kaiping mining bureau, proposed officer tradesmen managing rules, start & other; China merchants set throughout the &; . Two years later, in zhili (now hebei) formally announced the formation of tangshan kaiping town. To the end of the 19th century, it has become an annual output of 70 tons of raw coal, 70 silver, total assets of 600 two thousand large-scale modern coal mining enterprises.

meanwhile, hoover in ocean or a garden boys just graduated from Stanford university, in the California mines hard work 10 hours a day, but can only earn poor earn $2.

wedding day come to China

in 1897, the British mining giant merlin mining company open recruitment long-term prospecting experience geologist, and demanded that the candidates must be older than 35 years old. When hoover is only 23 years old, when he apply for using age falsification of ti muddle through, and the way to get the job.

in February 1899, ink, the company will be prospecting career hoover sent to China. Excitement of the hoover immediately to get along with days of his girlfriend to marry him, and in the second day of the marriage with his wife toward China thousands miles away.

that year in March, hoover couple arrived in tianjin, settle down in the chongqing road primary school west building site today, they also give yourself a Chinese name, respectively, hoover called & other; Hu Hua & throughout; His wife called & other; Brand hu firm & throughout; , both husband and wife gave birth to two sons in tianjin Herbert and Allen.

get rich in China after the return to the United States

in 1900, the boxer rebellion broke out, the fate of the hoover from this change, landed his first bucket of gold in life.

at first, the British to & other; Feeding pigeons for throughout the boxers & information; On the grounds that the kaiping mining bureau supervisory caught bass. As the adults. Zhang was scared to death, his German consultant, cui Lin to come visiting, and make it of on the day of the release. But, cui Lin to bass to kaiping mining bureau in order to protect mine name become agent, timid of bass in the case of not yet played please the court, without authorization, promised to the unreasonable demands, cui Lin.

but, cui Lin, after all, is a consultant hired by the Chinese government to China, he hand agent printing can’t to gain benefit. This time, the mining professionals hoover played. Hoover and DE cui Lin jointly produced sell kaiping mining bureau contract, July 30, 1900, cui Lin in kaiping mining bureau the identity of the proxy agent, the kaiping mining bureau & other; Sell & throughout; On behalf of the ink, the company’s hoover. Then, hoover and DE cui Lin, two people to take fright and deception coercion bass sign the contract, in February 1901, hoover relies on this & other; Home & throughout; Is the ink, the company appointed ShangKaiPing mines co., LTD. General manager. This piece of stock, is issued by the hoover in this time period.

the qing government to know it, sent to London at the end of 1904 the court Lawrence played an international lawsuit. Is the qing government to win the case surface, but the judgment only & other; Cannot be enforced throughout the &; The ground, the qing government could not recover the kaiping coal mine.

but hoover was not long in kaiping mining co., LTD., in 1901, the Belgian merchant become the major shareholder of kaiping mining co., LTD., hoover has stepped down as the general manager, left China in the next year with his wife. Hoover in China & other; Work & throughout; Experience, made him the americans first in China’s rich millionaire, and use of these assets to continue to develop after the return to the United States, which in turn to politics. In 1929, was elected to the 31st President of the United States.