Press investigations jiangxi west zhou dynasty tomb “grave village” 2500 years ago

in curl brothers home & other; Bargaining & throughout; .

in December 2011, in an interview in jingdezhen in jiangxi province during the high imitation porcelain industry present situation, the reporter visited some local antique city, an accidental opportunity, heard that antique shop, the boss of Lao zhang want to went to the countryside to replenish onr’s stock, there is a group of old local. With professional sensitive, the reporter realized that can’t be which peasant happened to dig into the family heirloom, most likely, tomb raiders hands with & other; New harvest & throughout; . So, pretend to be collect lover we citing buy many antiques, request to together, eventually Lao zhang promised to take us & other; Procurement & throughout; . To his surprise, this trip is to take us into a veritable & other; Grave village & throughout; & hellip; & hellip;

on December 7, 2011, at half past eight in the morning, we met Lao zhang keep, sit on the lease. Lao zhang is not in a hurry to tell the driver specific destination, just give directions, until the high speed, we did not know about the goal of the trip, a town located in the northwest of jiangxi.

as the day & other; Heavy snow throughout the &; Solar terms, fine rain began to fall in the first place, everywhere filled with southern winter’s cold and wet. Appear slightly stiff car, Lao zhang, this tiny antique dealer in washing faded grey black jacket and a flat head shoes, looks more like simple and honest simplicity of the old farmer, can be used to pry the actual words and eyes occasionally skimming canny let the reporter realized that he is a man living in the antiques circle for many years.

the car for nearly three hours, we finally got close to the destination. Lao zhang take out a cellular phone at this moment, a phone call, from the tone can be recognized, the other is the vendor, they dug grave, not up the hill, owing to the rain weather is waiting for us at home.

hidden & other; Orchid king & throughout;

in the old piece under the guidance of, the car parked outside a grating. A round eyes round head round head person walk to the car, and Lao zhang made a simple greeting, he went straight into the door. This is a small yard, and all kinds of orchids behind the house, as the weather gets colder, flower seedlings were blocked up. Several workers and flowers in the courtyard, there were two big dog barking.

round the eyes is the owner of the nickname & other; Orchid king & throughout; . Into the house, old piece without any preamble, to the point: & other; Have what thing? Throughout the &;

& other; Orchid king & throughout; Conveniently came up from under the tea table of outbuilding carry a broken dish POTS, incidentally with cautious eyes looked at us several strangers.

& other; As far as well, there are no other? Throughout the &; Lao zhang asked.

& other; Orchid king & throughout; Said falteringly this several days did not go out to work, at home there is no other things.

& other; How is it possible? Throughout the &; Lao zhang said, and turned toward the back room, under a table to touch up. & other; Orchid king & throughout; Two step with the past, with the hand stopped Lao zhang. Two people with some kind of, finally Lao zhang smiled to come up with a black plastic bag.

a bag open, revealing a POTS, stick inside and full of red mud, clay is wet, even I can see that the layman is newly unearthed.

& other; Make things yesterday, HongZhou kiln. Throughout the &; See Lao zhang jie his worst, & other; Orchid king & throughout; What can no longer hide, followed from the house and took out four cans and a few broken bowl. To dig out after a bit of red mud on the tank, can find a little glaze, but most of the glaze has been peeling.

& other; Just a few pieces of? Not a decent ah. Throughout the &; Journalists continue to test.

& other; This is a small kiln (tomb). Throughout the &; & other; Orchid king & throughout; Said.