Prick silk “foreigners” one hit points act the role of 12 lead Angle netizens worship (FIG.)

Mike sui ACTS the role of N Angle

prick silk, is the latest network popular words, prick silk itself and poor bitter B youth is short and more frustration, contains the helplessness and self-mockery. To prick silk positions are also more and more. Prick silk has become a cultural phenomenon which cannot be ignored, but which also contain the rascal of the spirit of don’t abandon don’t give up.

& other; Rascal & throughout; Red

prick silk declaration: a relic of Chinese ever made.

network has added a red yesterday. A man named & other; Mike sui & throughout; Of foreigners in the microblog posted a funny video, video, he ACTS the role of 12 Angle, and will be in the United States, France, Japan, Russia, etc all kinds of languages in place, the night was forwarded for nearly 100000 times. He claimed to weibo & other; The foreigner prick silk & throughout; And said he speaks a relic of sneak Chinese ever made. Yesterday afternoon, west China metropolis daily reporter telephone interview to & other; Mike sui & throughout; Now, he said, he is an actor.

his special skill: one act the role of 12 Angle

& other; Mike sui & throughout; On weibo said: & other; Because not dance can’t go to the avenue of stars, not put himself when foreigners also can’t go to Chinese competition, can only let everyone see his mouth. Throughout the &; Then upload a video. In this video, he simulated 12 people from different countries and regions. Start with & other; Beijing & throughout; Surprised. Then, he wears a pair of black glasses, dressed in a suit, simulation of Hong Kong, China; And with dia dia gas in Taiwan chamber & hellip; & hellip; In addition, including American, French, Japanese and other languages. In just nine minutes video, joined & other; Li lei and han meimei & throughout; , & other Guoan fans & throughout; And other popular elements. The netizen worship, said it was funny than Sheldon. Even yao can’t resist forward directly.

his files: after the foreigner is a Beijing 80

interestingly, & other; Mike sui & throughout; Mother’s father is from Beijing, was from Chicago. & other; Mike sui & throughout; Chinese named SuiKai, after a 80. Earlier in the sun hong2 lei2, in the “final brake horse town” starring Lin played a villain. Do the video shooting Dong Jianxiong told west China metropolis daily reporter, this video is & other Using the Canon 7 d, spent about seven or eight hours, one day late. Throughout the &; For why would have thought that such a video, Dong Jianxiong said: & other; Everyone has ideas, gather together, play together and take it over. Throughout the &; He also revealed that video lines are & other; Mike sui & throughout; Write. & other; We are a creative, one out of the line. Throughout the &;


reporter interview again to the SuiKai himself, he told reporters, when the teacher is at an early age, now he is an actor. & other; I have brokers and agents, is not yet a foreign said too much personal information. Throughout the &; About can simulate 12 characters, all depend on with my friends in the play. & other; Love to play with them in English. Throughout the &; West China metropolis daily reporter madan intern reporter XunChao