Primary and middle school students don’t know lei feng, lei feng is lived on both coasts of the tower

this host: SheZongMing

on March 5, learn LeiFengRi. In the country, & other; Learn from lei feng & throughout; Conducting activities will also practice. In jinan, many primary and middle school students in teacher, offer the love to the community, etc. The reporter random survey found that many students don’t know who is lei feng. Have children asked & other; Lei feng is who & throughout; , hemming LeiYan: & other; Lei feng is repair tower, he lived on both coasts. Throughout the &; (on March 5, the shandong business daily)

SheZongMing: I guess, the child was listening & other The divine comedy & throughout; The method sea you do not understand love, listen to many, on hearing the lei feng, is conveniently think & other; Both coasts & throughout; .

mushu bug: it is very regret, also reveals & other; Lei feng & throughout; Decline: representational & other; Lei feng & throughout; Start from child memory blurred, the children had no intention of shocking, just naive, but the cognition is the mirror of the adult world.

SheZongMing: yes. & other; Lei feng the obsolete & throughout; Is the decay of the example, which many people lack of awareness of lei feng’s spirit connotation.

as li xian: children, but in common sense, lei feng’s name should be bigger than both coasts. Now the children cognitive disorder, inadequate education is important reasons.

mushu bug: actually, & other; Lei feng is who & throughout; More than primary school students to answer, more worthy of social thinking. Learning lei feng, is not going through the motions, but should internalize it into the mental consciousness.

as li xian: lei feng can fade from the textbook, but the lei feng’s spirit, the can not be faded. Especially many life out of moral landslide sigh, must stick to the lei feng spirit.

SheZongMing: as a matter of fact, the lei feng never vanished around us, whether & other; Throughout the city to eat noodles &; To & other; Ten thousand people found throughout the infant &; And the shadow of the lei feng in flash. And public life, we need to care for this kind of kindness and warmth.