Primary school girl suicide to producer: back to the qing dynasty palace is inspiring movies

(drama “palace” stills)

recently, two primary school girl’s suicide, one of the girl’s suicide note said hope & other; Through time and space, back to the qing dynasty emperor with movie & throughout; . The incident caused netizens. Drama “palace” producer in is the agent of responded that & other; We take self-help topic, something is up & throughout; .


on March 2, fujian two small beauty and very good schoolgirl xiaohua suicide pact. Among them, the small beautiful note top write a way: & other; Secret in my life, I have two, one is to through time and space, to the qing dynasty, an emperor movie; One is going to space. Throughout the &; Two people after completion of the note in class together jumped into the pond.

administration of radio, film and television doesn’t advocate the shaoxing opera

time travel dramas are nothing more than a routine: a modern urban women, because & other; An accident & throughout; , & other Be being hit & throughout; , & other Fell downstairs & throughout; Or other emergencies, through to the, the time period, a love and hate entanglements.

in the face of more and more through the theme of the phenomenon of hot screen, film and television (sarft) has put forward & other; Don’t advocate & throughout; Opinion. Drama director of Li Jingcheng said, & other; Now time-travel no history, don’t respect for history and culture, the technique of expression is too casual, to promote the creation and attitude, be calm and reflection. Throughout the &;

producers say “palace” is inspiring movies

time-travel dramas on screen mainly derived from the fire hit drama “palace”, since a large number of time-travel rushing. Tianfu morning post reporter yesterday contacted the producer of the “palace” in is the agent of famous, he says in the positive is filming the scene, suicide for elementary school students want to through the news didn’t know, but yesterday there have been several media want to interview in this matter in the positive.

in the famous said, & other; We are inspirational topics show, through their own efforts and success, the girl like Cinderella. We want to express is something up, hope that the audience in the theater, to play and life to separate, we hope that the audience like our drama, of course, but the most important is, must want to have a clear mind, play is play, that was not life. Throughout the &;

experts say parents should be directed

in the drama “the heart-pounding step by step”, the heroine is back to the qing dynasty by accident, weibo had a large group of children to study how to back to the ancient: crash deliberately, be being hit, YiDaoDao cut yourself & hellip; & hellip; Some children also encourage each other: & other; Everyone must wear hard! One day you will wear in the past! Throughout the &;

this, senior psychology expert, said master’s smithlp education, & other; Besides the function of entertainment, TV and movies also have a guiding role, such as TV a hairstyle, a good dress collocation, can cause a hot chase, but these effects are positive. But children under the age of seven or eight cognitive is limited, can’t distinguish true and false, and so would frequently appear similar events, which requires parents and schools correct guidance. Throughout the &;

netizens reaction

should indicate & other; The story is purely fictitious & throughout;

the Internet caused a big discussion about the matter, some netizens think so & other; Killing TV & throughout; Air should be restricted or banned. Yesterday, sina weibo launched & other; Elementary school students suicide note said hope through to the qing dynasty film & throughout; The topic, this topic a gets the attention of many, as of yesterday at already has more than 130000 comments.

Internet & other; Purple” Said time-travel should indicate the fiction, & other; Time travel dramas in fact there’s nothing wrong, but should always acknowledge & lsquo; The story is purely fictitious & rsquo; . Throughout the &; The net friend & other; He Na nan – cy” Denounced through there is no scientific basis, & other; That there is no scientific basis of fiction, drama should not be frequently used, mislead the youth! Throughout the &;

reporter Liu Rui