Prince is difficult to the students “kangxi in the qing dynasty young reading have tired to coughing up blood

in the emperors in the qing dynasty to the children the most strict education.

in the qing dynasty royal education to & other; Pacify San Francisco & throughout; After establishing the system of formal, according to “keep JiZhai CongLu” records: & other; I in French, prince, huang sun was six years old, the fu outside reading. Throughout the &; Mean prince nominal age 6 years old and began to read, before 5 PM to 3 PM, a total of 10 hours. Rest only five days a year, that is, New Year’s day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn festival, the emperor’s birthday, his birthday, also can’t have a holiday on New Year’s eve.

although is class begins at five in the morning, but prince need 4 o ‘clock in the morning to review homework the day before yesterday, the study is hot in summer, the prince to read but not allowed to use the fan prompting fashionistas, learn a word, namely to write 100 times, a text, to read 120 times.

young reading, emperor kangxi was too tired to coughing up blood, so the classics can fall back such as flow, and 14 years, and he can do this, the emperor kangxi backpack.

the prince are in addition to study Chinese classic, after 12 years of age and learning about the manchu, 14 years old began to learn horse riding, archery, teaching by full AnDa filled, they are, without a title of master saw prince kneel must inquire, claim to be a slave. Prince grew up, and martial arts class, including boxing, shotguns, sword, firearms, etc. Western missionaries Mr. Zhang said, kangxi thirty-one years (1692 years) in the summer, kangxi with seven prince tour the Great Wall, for a whole month, all day long the prince was to always take a bow archery, joy.

according to unofficial history, emperor qianlong in the study is the total master yu wangjie, later in the down, he played an important role. A qianlong to loiter about, the study on the Wang Jiezheng punish reading doesn’t study hard prince kneel, feel very angry, say: after all, it is also a prince, the future may be when the emperor, how can not Gu Junchen rite? Wangjie said: & other; JieZhou defensor rao, not to teach, the way of for the teacher! Throughout the &; Mean is a better teacher, probably into monarch, teaching is not good, could become a tyrant, the teacher must have a teacher way dignity. Qianlong helpless, then make the prince kneeling.

of course, this is just the author’s understanding, unofficial history, in fact, almost every day to go to the emperor from the qing stage the study tour, kangxi YouQin, on 9 o ‘clock to study every day to listen to the prince of endorsement, sometimes four or five in the afternoon will come again, listen to prince endorsement with ministers. The prince married until points after the government to exempt from this slavery.

alcohol pro Wang Yi Recorded in the bamboo window notebook: & other; Such as homework unfinished or penalty fine words, once the teacher must go to dinner party, within the squire AnDa, eunuch no dare to dun, versa under study. The master in the study but for dinner. A study and someone specified on under an house. Throughout the &; Qing Zhao Yi in the eaves had miscellanea, once ascribed: & other; This towards the domestic discipline of strictly, the prince to read, have him through the ages. Throughout the &;

in the late qing guangxu period, though without the prince, but also pay attention to the cultivation of the nobles, but form has changed. In 1905, the ministry of war and the training place play must set up the army school, nobles in Wang Yi celebration Secretary for management, feng kuo-chang as the agent, the start of April, military, astronomy, geography, history, arithmetic, such as subjects, the eight banners nobles in modern education, students nearly hundred people, another 40 has the responsibility for princes and also for the listening part.

the data mainly from “chorography & middot; Beijing the imperial palace”