Princess pulled right to protest injustice The emperor give its 30 sexual partners

most people think that wu zetian era is an ancient Chinese feminist rise period, in fact, as early as the northern and southern dynasties, for a woman to & other; Gender inequality & throughout; Questioned, and to a practice of equality of opportunity. She is the princess, liu song dynasty ChuYu, appearance is beautiful. Pulled the princess’s father is the southern song dynasty filial piety wu jun liu, at the age of 16, her brother emperor qianfei of liu song inherited the throne. Reportedly, the two siblings have unusual incestuous relationship, this after each in each generation of decadent palaces, is not fresh.

is shocking, besides a xu, she incredibly still presenting with 30 sexual partners. The 30 men are called home, because these all are handsome man, thick black hair (later, home became a synonym for male, male concubine). For the first time she has the equal rights of sex and men, compared to the ancient one of the most famous feminist empress wu, is a pioneer.

although pulled the husband of princess’s start is also a handsome man, but she is not satisfied. Pulled the princess’s equal consciousness, from emperor qianfei of liu song and contrast on the sexual power. & other; Concubine and majesty, although men and women have different, all body (first emperor. Your workaday sector number, and one concubine wei xu, uneven thing, why so far (song book)! Throughout the &; She asked the emperor emperor qianfei of liu song, why do you have concubines, ten thousand people, but I was only a husband, have such things of inequality in the world! As generations of women in China are in adherence to married, a row, pulled the princess asked will surely like across a bolt of lightning in the black sky, though fleeting, but it’s great.

one thousand years, the emperor has a harem concubines, tens of thousands of ordinary man also can be three wives four concubines, but has always been a woman’s lifetime. Sexual inequality of power, no doubt, is one of the important embodiment of the inequality of male and female. Pulled the princess first lodged a protest to sexual inequality of power. Although, in decadent roughly, furtive pleasure of a woman is not a few, but dares to the problem on the table, fair to talk about, I’m afraid is unprecedented.

emperor qianfei of liu song after listening to a pulled the princess’s comments, but for the first time a moment that is that handsome boy immediately selected 30, gave her. While the princess shanyin readily accept. Even in northern and southern dynasties, lots of strange that the sister and the brother is let a person of a geek.

princess pulled this break through lawful surprised the world of nature from the commentary ruchao evil, her song book evaluation & other; Throughout her taste too &; , History As A Mirror give her comments & other Princess taste especially her & throughout; . And pulled the princess lure official department officials openly ChuYuan behavior, but also raises questions.

ChuYuan are the number one handsome boy in the song dynasty, not only woman crazy, men are fascinated. It is said that every time away, full chao wenwu is begging officials looked after him, until he was dashing figure disappear in the line of sight of people. The handsome boy is also of xu song, well is pulled the princess’s uncle. Pulled the princess look after ChuYuan, the emperor ordered him to go to accompany the pulled the princess. & other; Deep shi princess, ten days for force, since the oath to death, but to avoid & throughout; (” song book “). The handsome boy was quite a character, and would not yield, even pulled the princess to do all one’s skill, seduce, the eyesight of the carrot and stick, he is not moved. Ten days later, there’s no way to pulled the princess had to let him go.

although all the history books nailed pulled the princess as lusty sex woman on the monument, but there are exceptions. Mr Bo will appreciate the princess of Taiwan, in the article “long live the princess pulled”, he wrote, & other; Pulled the princess was a great man, she not only has the ultra the views of The Times, also has the consciousness of the inequality of male and female, and she put her husband not to kill, is honest. The pups tolerates her laughed at, but for the emperors of the messing around, but did not dare to buy a new word. Throughout the &;

this should be for princess pulled the highest evaluation. Although & other; Long live & throughout; This cry is slightly exaggerated, but & other; Have a consciousness of the inequality of male and female & throughout; Evaluation is very to the point. In this sense, pulled the princess is ancient feminist pioneer. Later, decadent erosion, innocent emperor qianfei of liu song, were killed in a palace coup, pulled the princess died under the knife.