Production or by the empress wu zetian understand an unrequited love for a lifetime technique

detective judge prototype

production, in the DE case-solving novel and adapted on the basis of a series of film and television works, is a administer justice like detective, god with justice bao is a kind of figure. In the history of production, in addition to do as a famous national first-class justice, also wenwu all-rounder – can rule of fuzheng, has long been diabolical difficult the queen of the day has come, to die is the prime minister; Wu can guarding the frontier, repel the khitans. He is wu zetian’s rare upright officials, had his ups and downs, but it did very well, when the county, the people in his born alive when they built the temple (memorial). After the prime minister, wu zetian is very highly to him, until death, maladministration of wu zetian dynasty made must be correct. Wu zetian times on the governance of the dynasty, under the open of the yuan, is eternal name production.

With the

judge dee, word, tang bing taiyuan (this taiyuan had). He was born in bureaucratic family, came into official career as a teenager, doing well; In a after being falsely accused, get the boss appreciated, since the law, gradually promoted to the level of the position of justice. Production is a workaholic, a year is handling of the case of former backlog for a long time, the release of the tens of thousands of wronged innocent people, immediately is famous at home and abroad, become a mirror hung in the sky’m detective level. So get the appreciation of wu zetian, after wu zetian proclaimed himself, the prime minister, is reused.

real detective dee renjie

dee renjie was born the son, grandfather DiXiaoXu dynasty dynasty ZuoCheng ministers, father DE known history of officer to governor of real talent. He was strict training since childhood, youth to Ming after the exam and smoothly into the official career.

dee renjie was doing well, I started out as a BianZhou join the army, was framed, then the Labour ministry has many ministers of famous painter of (prime minister) as the central inspection official tour of henan and to accept the case. He found that not only judge dee innocence, also found that the production having both ability and political integrity, praised he was & other; The sea pearl & throughout; Different, commend him for bing method, production has entered into a law. Production after being falsely accused instead get unexpected promotion, that production is virtuous, even in go bad luck when can not cover the his shining golden light. During his tenure, production gradually familiar with the art of war, the system of punishment, the bureaucracy and so on various aspects judgments, for his life’s political activities laid a good foundation.

production can be a good reputation gradually spread to the emperor, tang instrument chicken first year (AD 676), was promoted to Dali cheng (the Supreme Court’s judgment) and manage the state criminal law. Before he arrived only one year, ruled in the backlog of thousands of cases involving seventeen thousand people. He just clean and penetration ShanDuan, wise, decisive, all of a sudden celebrity, in one’s hand up and down all admired the administer justice as the justice of god. The familiar “DE case-solving” inside the bag as the sunspot sky’m dee renjie, is evolved from his experience.

production never selfish, in order to maintain the law, even dare to make straight to fight. Once, ZuoWei goodness to general power, the prison doors right corps commander Fan Huaiyi two generals mistakenly cut zhaoling (taizong cemetery) cypress, the emperor lost his temper, immediately ordered to cut them. Production last week said: & other; Countries has developed a clear legal, according to the law, two generals should not be sentenced to death. Throughout the &; The emperor nu way: & other; They don’t hurt me son, have to be put to death! Throughout the &; Dee renjie insisted: & other; According to the law should not be sentenced to death and must be sentenced to death, because accidentally cut down a tree cypress, killed two generals, the later meeting concerning your majesty is a what kind of the sovereign? I dare not to trap her majesty in no way! Throughout the &; Tang dynasty the emperor immediately repent, forgive our two people to death, from the production of the capital.

dee renjie officials skills

later, dee renjie was promoted as a card shark (Treasury secretary), travel, after the emperor tang kai wu sent production do know (responsible for matters relating to the emperor’s ombudsman), first to board layout on the way. The emperor’s tourist routes must go through & other; Jealous female temple & throughout; , a local legend, if well-dressed people through envy female temple, will lead to the wave, the local governor and the governor Shi Li blunt xuan ordered tens of thousands of civilian worker to build okimichi, pleasing the emperor and empress. Production, said: & other; Cruise son of heaven, and the wind “will come to the dust, the rain will come with wet roads, to avoid the jealous woman? Throughout the &; Tens of thousands of people was relieved from the heavy labor, so that avoid the costly. Tang, after the emperor heard praised: & other; Production is a real man! Throughout the &; Dee renjie was cleverly praised the emperor, and the benefit of the people, the heart was captured, on both sides of the up and down is very skills.

after establishing the zhou dynasty, wu zetian proclaimed himself appointed judge dee to officer (the fact) ShiLang, with the phoenix pavilion (province) in luan Taiwan chapter (province) under her door, flat, also is one of his to become prime minister, however, it is very short. A queen deliberately tempted judge dee said: & other; Your performance is very good, but someone in front of me say anything bad about you, do you want to know who said that? Throughout the &; Judge dee said: & other; If your majesty think detained what place do wrong, I will certainly change; If your majesty understand detained no fault, that is to be detained the lucky. Who said to speak ill of me, I don’t want to know. Throughout the &; Even for wu zetian dee renjie was a loyal elders, magnanimous mind.