Professional astrologers disclosure: constellation geomagnetic storms solar cycle affect humans

& other; Now many so-called astrology is talk about the constellation chart, such as the birth of the zodiac in a how of person. From the western astrology is concerned, these are & lsquo; Talk nonsense & rsquo; ? What evaluation? Throughout the &; With the United States in Beijing planetarium curator Zhu Jin professional astrological ShiDaWei & middot; Reilly (David Railey) in the public debate.

public debate is on June 19, 2011 in the Beijing planetarium, although the stage two people nicely dialogue, the audience are divided into different consciously camps: a support astrological young man beside that women don’t believe in astrology, refused to fly in the same elevators to her.

it seems to some people, planets and constellations has some relation with one’s character and destiny, even two people born time difference will be different in a few minutes. In others, astrology and fortune telling there is no essential difference. However, the reality is that: the more has been in the education of students and white-collar workers, & other; Horoscope learn & throughout; The more popular.

the point of collision, astronomy and astrology is not the first time in the history of science, also won’t be the last time. Astronomers Zhu Jin used multiple times and other Talk nonsense & throughout; The word, but does not eliminate the mind of doubt. In the past few decades, psychology, physiology, medicine, a series of new earth science found only puts forward more possibilities for people, the findings also suggested that in only rely on literature, is far from enough to prove or disprove astrology. (the southern weekend reporter yong-ming huang special contributor Hao Jingfang)

David & middot; Reilly is the well-known professional astrologers, his character description of MAO zedong is: have & other Throughout north Aries and south/libra &; One of the characteristics. Like physical exercise, MAO zedong in 1917 published in “new youth” the research of sports, discuss the advantages of physical exercise, & other; Is he the Aries throughout north do pay &; ; And his response to the compromise, & other; Conforms to the characteristics of the south in libra, between compromise and action, they do not like to compromise, compromise, because must compromise & throughout; . (David & middot; Reilly/credit)

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constellation chart like gossip

in the English language, astrology and astronomy have the same root astro. Astronomy and astrology can combine well & ndash; & ndash; Astronomy can calculate one born all the constellations in the sky, and the position of the sun, the moon and the planets. Or rather, a person’s chart. While astrology chart starting.

astrology originated from about 2500 BC. It argues that the core of the soul, is the object and the connection of personality & ndash; & ndash; The background is the Greek philosophy and soul to the universe of two hundred years in a row.

by Aristotle in “souls” in summary, the issue of the soul from the nature of the soul in the first place. At that time, people think things, the soul is the soul, because the soul can make sport, with his own drive body move. This is the starting principle. The second principle is called perception principle. Philosophers believe that the soul can feel everything, because there are some ingredients in soul and natural elements are similar.

what astrologers believe there is a the notion of the unity of the universe, largely from Plato. Plato said: in “exceed the” & other; Objects are visible, but the soul is not visible. The rational and harmonious soul connotation. The way it works is silent in his own movement, also accurately apply to all things. Throughout the &;

the easiest way to think of questions on astrology is: different people is divided into 12 constellations, there are 7 billion people around the world, there are so many people are the same? In professional astrologers point of view, this problem was put forward, is from the people’s misunderstanding to astrology. & other; The constellation chart is & lsquo; Journalism & rsquo; Category, not the category of astrology. Throughout the &; Reilly said, & other; The constellation chart like our entertainment news & ndash; & ndash; Gossip has nothing to do with astrology. Throughout the &; Serious study of astrology is the sun, the moon and the planets, it is not just in general to sign.

astronomy on astrology question most is associated with the constellation. Astrology used in 12 constellations on the ecliptic, and astronomy has a concept called & other; Precession & throughout; That the earth periodic oscillations of the spin axis. As a result of the existence of precession, now the constellations on the ecliptic is no longer like thousands of years ago is 12, 13, but more a Ophiuchus. Still in the use of the zodiac in astrology, what explains this?

& other; Many people think that the zodiac in astrology with the real constellations in the sky are related. But in fact, the zodiac on astrology has nothing to do with constellations in the sky. Astrology sign from the vernal equinox and autumnal equinox to measure. Throughout the &; Reilly said.

in other words, divided the zodiac is used in astrology. The babylonians made the constellation theory, is the great circle of the zodiac will be 360 & deg; Average is divided into 12 balls, 30 each & deg; , according to the similar constellation, this is not the same as astronomy sense signs of the zodiac. Although sharing the Aries, Taurus, and a series of names, but the analysis of astrology is the former, rather than the latter. The 12 signs of the zodiac is always 12, not more.