Professor of wuhan university in 85 Young energetic lead netizen “worship” (FIG.)

Wu Dahua hospital website Deng Hexiang professor, young vigor to let a person times born goodwill

yesterday, the net detonation wu3 da4 appeared after 85, professor. Reporter the relevant person in charge of the personnel department to wu3 da4 patch, the professor called Deng Hexiang, was born in April 1985, not long ago has just been introduced college of chemistry and molecular science, wuhan university, the most young professor or the school.

85 after professor on envy countless

18, & other; PETD throughout Asia & people for the ethical treatment of Dr; One of the microblogging exploded a pot on the Internet. & other; Young professor was born in 1985, this is fate? Throughout the &; Bloggers find Wu Daxin introduced the national youth scholars Deng Hexiang one thousand plan, the sunshine boy, was born in April 1985, was introduced into Wu Dahua school was named after the professor.

& other; Is 85, the somebody else all professors, Dr. I haven’t graduated, what about me! Throughout the &; Net friends all envy envy hate, at that time forward quantity thousands of weibo. Many netizens call: postdoctoral originally is not all & other; Intelligent & throughout; , can also be full of vitality, & other; Students with excellent grades can also Grosvenor LTD handsome & throughout; !

wu3 da4 early introduction of postdoctoral returnees

reporter Wu Dahua hospital website, found the Deng Hexiang resume. XiaoDeng according to resume in 2011 in the United States the doctor’s degree in chemistry at the university of California, Los Angeles, in the school, to engage in postdoctoral research at the university of California, Berkeley. Earlier this year, joining Wu Dahua courtyard, professor now at the hospital.

it is known that Deng Hexiang is wuhan people, graduated from wuhan to 49. He had three times to complete major projects for the department of energy (doe), twice as the first author published an article in science magazine.

reporter the relevant person in charge of the personnel department to wu3 da4 patch, the youngest professor XiaoDeng? The other said, & other; It should be. Throughout the &; Wu Dahua courtyard dean and in charge of the deputy secretary of the of the work of talents, said soon introduction of talent, do not want to be too much attention.

80 when professor into the national trend

it is known that Deng Hexiang wuhan is not the first concern of the media after 80, professor last year after 80 sea turtles Yuan Quan became the youngest female professor Wu Dahua courtyard. Reporters, to state the latest batch of 4 & other; Youth throughout one thousand plan &; For example, 185 young scholars, more than twenty percent after 80.

& other; Professor came after 80 is a trend all over the country throughout the &; , wu3 da4 Lu Changning, vice-minister of personnel said that at present since 70 into the university scientific research, teaching, introduced from abroad is no longer a rare after 80. & other; Not only wu3 da4, one thousand through the national youth programs to attract project, a large number of young talent, many of them are 80 & throughout; .

the reporter understands, huazhong university of science and technology from the university of California, Santa Barbara, scholars kaho after 80, is currently professor at the university college of chemistry and chemical engineering; Graduated from wuhan university of technology, the latest introduction of Sheffield university scholar wang tao, born in 1980.

professor after more than 80 sea turtles background

reporter observed, more active after 80 in wuhan university professors have overseas background, more engaged in the study of natural science.

returnees background is becoming the key factor of home as a professor? Wu3 da4 Lu Changning, vice-minister of personnel, and other Schools introduce these young talent, the various departments and when they take a fancy to their academic level, also conforms to the subject development needs, such as Yuan Quan research field of rare earth, Deng Hexiang research field of green energy storage, are at the forefront international, make up the blank of departments related academic field. Throughout the &;

he also said that these overseas talent review, a professor at the school academic committee passed the qualification of professor, conform to the school’s title evaluation criteria, & other; Has nothing to do with the age & throughout; .