Professor spent eight years as shiji fault: emperor qin shi huang did not live to 51 years old

I don't call & other; Throughout Fan Hui &;

I don’t call & other; Fan Hui & throughout; Call & other; Fan sui (j ū) & throughout; Qin phase portraits fan sui

rent and tax money, I don't want to!

rent and tax money, I don’t want to! Sun valley portrait

qin shi huang died at the age of 51? Wrong, he didn't so longevity

51, in fact, I want to live longer Qin shihuang ying zheng portrait

qin shi huang died at the age of 51? Wrong, he didn't so longevity

elected to the middle school language reading biographies of lian Po Lin xiangru’s in an article in the wrong; Not death at age 51 & hellip; & hellip; Shiji and shiji revision published research subject team building seminars held in normal university yesterday, shiji revision work of the host, nnu Zhao Sheng group, said professor he led a team of eight professors spent eight years in this book, new collating more than 3400, about 300000 words, punctuation and changes of more than 6000, the closest to the original shiji. The correspondent xiu-liang wang yangzi evening news reporter Cai Yunqi

【 why revision?

in shiji spread)

shiji is China’s first biographical history for & other; The twenty-four & throughout; , began the legendary yellow emperor, to effect in the period, known as & other Historian of the game, no rhyme of li SAO & throughout; . However, due to the old, shiji version is complex, or even different different impression on the same version of the text, plus the past record way more traditional, there is a deviation in the process of circulating. & other; Our job is to restore ancient books, not research the authenticity of the original content in shiji. Throughout the &; Professor Zhao Sheng group said.

at the beginning of 2005, zhong to start checking & other; The twenty-four & throughout; Preliminary research and amend the draft history of qing. In April 2006, shiji changes to the project officially launched, zhong hua will preside over the work to a Nanjing Normal University Zhao Sheng group, a professor at the college of arts. & other; We use jinling publishing house in the qing dynasty to dibon, combed the shiji version of the system, finally determine the scene – you JianBen in northern song dynasty, the southern song dynasty, the southern song dynasty shaoxing Huang Shanfu this deserves to ancient pavilion “researches” single photocopy, Ming and qing hall of martial valor is school-based, with the southern song dynasty GengBing this covey Peng Yin weng the yuan dynasty, Ming dynasty and mengmai, Ming dynasty LingZhiLong this, Japan Long travelling expenses say “will note textual research for this book. Throughout the &; Zhao Sheng group is introduced, with the aid of modern technology, borrowed from their predecessors did not use the rare editions of the school and this, also make full use of the ancient books database retrieval, improved the accuracy. & other; Through eight years of efforts, the revised edition of new collating more than 3400, about 300000 words, and change the punctuation has more than 6000. Revised pragraphs, many words, upside down, including person names, place names, titles and facts wrong. Throughout the &;

“what mistake?”

name qin phase error & other; Fan Hui & throughout; Should call & other; Fan sui & throughout;

Zhao Sheng group, for example, in 130 articles of shiji, some people is to make the changes. There is an article in shiji, formerly known as “Fan Hui Cai Ze upright. This article is the end of the warring states qin phase two countries Fan Hui and Cai Ze pass. With Cai Ze Fan Hui is purely, qin phase in office before have all been through a bumpy road. Including Fan Hui in wei wei by Wei Ji bend almost to death, later & other; Rides into the qin & throughout; , articulate, resourcefulness, and finally become the qin phase. & other; Qin phase & lsquo; Fan Hui & rsquo; The name should be & lsquo; Fan sui & rsquo; . Throughout the &; Zhao Sheng group says, & other; Fan sui & throughout; Sometimes writing & other; Fei and throughout the &; , the Wu Liang stone portraits will & other; Fei and throughout the &; With & other; W must jia & throughout; And, no doubt, should be & other; Fan sui & throughout; . When the warring states period, qin, han, a lot of people to & other; And throughout the &; The name, such as division and the horse would be prepared, and, not and, dragons and etc., or in & other; And throughout the &; Next add & other; B & throughout; , such as & other; Fan sui & throughout; , & other In tang dynasty & throughout; , & other Zhao in & throughout; And so on. & other; The revision, we will & lsquo; Fan Hui & rsquo; Derivative works & lsquo; Fan sui & rsquo; . Throughout the &;

error text & other Refuse to rent & throughout; The & other; Rent & throughout; Word redundant

and biographies of lian Po Lin xiangru’s is very famous in shiji. In the revision has been changed a word. Biographies of lian Po Lin xiangru’s have a words: & other; And who Zhao Sha Zhao Zhitian collectors also. Collect tax, and plain jun home would not rent, luxury to the rule of law & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; Revision, Zhao Sheng group & other; Refuse to rent & throughout; The & other; Rent & throughout; Word changed & other; Zhao & throughout; Words.

Zhao Sheng group explained, because in traditional Chinese font, font and zhao rent is similar. In the previous version of the ancient books, there are eight version use & other; Zhao & throughout; Words. After checking of jinling dibon reference is the qing dynasty, because the jinling this use & other Rent & throughout; Historical records “, “is finally used & other Rent & throughout; Words. But according to shiji context, plain gentleman home not out, meaning is not willing to rent and tax, added a rent words as less comprehensive a word instead. & other; Instead & lsquo; Zhao & rsquo; Later, meaning more complete. Throughout the &;

facts wrong qin shi huang didn’t live to be died at the age of 51

& other; Errors concerning the historical data is in fact very much, because itself is the most complex historical data. Throughout the &; Such as “the biographic sketches of qin shi huang,” said & other; First emperor 51 years and collapse & throughout; , which means qin shihuang died at the age of 51. Historians in the qing dynasty qian da-xin was pointed out that the emperor qin shi huang did not live to 51, here & other; Five & throughout; Should be & other; Stand & throughout; , but didn’t find the relevant evidence, & other; This time we found the new material, high in Japan yamadera hidden transcript, that word is doing & lsquo; Stand & rsquo; So that they find the version of the basis, plus some circumstantial evidence material, we have to correct the error. Throughout the &;

Zhao Sheng group of explanation, after correction, the meaning of his 11 years, when the emperor & other; The predecessors have found that, in fact, but found no version of the material, only by speculation, because he could not live from historical facts to consider to 51. Throughout the &;

news extends

Chinese text to error correction?

& other; And who Zhao Sha Zhao Zhitian collectors also. Collect tax, and plain jun home would not rent, luxury to the rule of law & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; In this paragraph from the biographies of lian Po Lin xiangru’s, the article called “Zhao Sha farm rents the plains jun home”, included in “Chinese take on in high school. Chinese elective reader, the use of this article is & other; Collect tax & throughout; .

professor ancient support adjustment

Chinese textbook, the familiar title was also picked out the wrong, whether there is a need to revise then textbook? Zhao Sheng group, says professor & other; Elected to the middle school textbook to shiji renowned, problems like this involves text is not much. Throughout the &; As a classical professor, he adjusted accordingly support textbooks & other; Meaning will be more complete. Throughout the &;

language teacher think little influence on

a nanjing high school senior Chinese teacher said, in this paper, we use & other; Rental & throughout; In fact has been very good understanding, & other; Rent & throughout; Is the means to pay the rent. Don’t change for students to read.

& other; Chinese elective text reader by the students themselves, can anyone interested in the questions. From the Angle of the test, this article yearold open pollination progenies is not high, the paper generally do not quote directly take article in the reader. Even if choose the students can understand the meaning. Throughout the &;


& other; The twenty-four & throughout; The year after revising

zhong and Nanjing Normal University will further cooperation, establish a nationwide first shiji literature research center. & other; Normal university, south of zhong hua editing, experts at home and abroad to form a team of more than 20 people, continue to study, including historical textual research. Throughout the &; According to introducing, checking & all other The twenty-four & throughout; Ancient books and the “draft history of qing China” project will be completed in 2015, and will be completed in 2017.