Professor wu da talk about witness gaddafi: gracious majesty novel level is not high

from 1984 to 2008, I have nine times to visit Libya, 3 times to see gaddafi, with gaddafi in congress President shake hands on meeting. I engaged in Arab culture, history in wuhan university teaching and research more than 30 years, translated literature and three Libya’s gaddafi fiction anthology. According to I saw and heard, now talk about what I know of him.

in the 1980 s, during I work in the Libyan capital, tripoli, with Libyan people of different social classes carried out extensive contacts and exchanges, have not seen qaddafi, but having seen the gaddafi under the leadership of Libya. When, in the period of developing countries free education, free medical treatment, while the market supply is not very rich, but society is relatively stable.

on August 31, 1996 – September 12, I visit Libya at the invitation of the Libyan ministry of culture. On the morning of September 1, I was arranged at the top table, watching the Libyan & other; 9 & middot; 1 & throughout; Revolution 27 anniversary celebrations. Gaddafi in the afternoon to meet with us this consignment from China, Russia, the United States, Germany, France, Egypt, Syria and other dozens of countries of journalists and scholars. At the time, qaddafi’s very excited, he cheerfully introduced the great significance of the Libyan revolution, full of lofty sentiments to boast one of the important achievements in the construction of the Libyan & ndash; & ndash; The great man-made river, passionate to criticize the western sanctions, etc. After the event, the Libyan aspect, we appreciate the spectacular fountain the great man-made river.

23 April 7 solstice 1997, Libya’s culture ministry invitation to me again, invited me to participate in the international academic seminar of democratic construction of the organization. On April 15, gaddafi in the face of more than 200 experts and scholars participate in academic exchanges. He doesn’t have to lecture, talk, enthusiasm of the audience clapping and cheering for him from time to time. Gaddafi in his speech eloquent, opine, the charge of event and the international situation, referring to the Chinese and the island of Taiwan, he said: & other; China and Taiwan, which is more important? China, of course. Throughout the &; At this time of qaddafi, mind is awake. Unfortunately, he later the minds, did some wrong unfavorable to the development of relations between China and Libya.

in October 1997 to July 1998, I as a senior visiting scholar at the university of Damascus, Syria. Back home, I main translation by Libya’s literary giant sea novel “a woman lit tunnel”. In September 2000, the Libyan embassy in China cultural counsellor and contact me, please I translate qaddafi’s novel. Considering that will introduce the work to the benefit of our country, cultural exchanges, help to understand the hearts of gaddafi, I agreed. Soon I was seconded to Baghdad, as China’s embassy in Iraq diplomats. During my overseas, “colonel qaddafi stories of” (in Chinese).

frankly, “colonel qaddafi fiction anthology of literature level is not high, the more successful novel only three articles, most of whom were political prose, but these works reflect his thoughts and feelings. For example, he is more importance to environmental protection, think deeply about life and death. In addition, he talked about the relationship between rulers and people, has a certain value. Can be seen from the gaddafi’s works, he think and explore how to deal with the relationship of the masses, it’s a pity that he didn’t find the right way, and not to end well.

on March 25, 2003, I returned to the wuhan university, continue to engage in teaching and research. On February 26, 2007, I was invited to visit Libya again. On the morning of March 4th, I attend the memorial published the declaration of the people’s right to the 30th anniversary of the seminar. Before entering the meeting hall, Libya’s security guards we put your mobile phone to them. Takes a seat, shortly after the ceremony on Libyan officials to me please. And the podium at the time of the former U.S. assistant secretary of state, such as Russia’s former deputy foreign minister five people. At around 10, gaddafi under the crowding round of bodyguards, the rostrum he shook hands with us, everyone soon, he has published a short speech. After the opening ceremony, Mr Qaddafi to shake hands with us to ours.

this is my third time to see gaddafi, is also the last time I saw him. When gadhafi gave me the impression is cordial and majesty. When shaking hands with him and we smile, but the guards stood not far behind him. In Libya, no matter where qaddafi, Libya’s main officials are associated with him.

in 2008, I lead a delegation to visit Libya, this time no see qaddafi, but we found in the communication with Libya scholars, some of their views reflected the colonel qaddafi’s some views. They worry that work in Africa, for example, hundreds of thousands of Chinese people will remain. I told them that the vast majority of Chinese people after finishing the work in Africa, will come back to China. Because, & other; Chengdu is a cloud, as early also home & throughout; .

I think that although gaddafi has contributed to Libya, to overthrow the corrupt king idris, leadership Libya out of poverty, but his political dictatorship for a long time, suppressing dissent, the sustainable development of its dictatorship against Libya. All-powerful today, decades of gaddafi has to the sand, art is its merit will be about. (the author is a professor at wuhan university, wuhan university, director of the center for Arab rong-jian li)