Prostitutes in ancient China painter: willow, such as good drawing LanZhu (FIG.)

cui 鏏 “had”

prostitutes painter: those who have the drawing art accomplishment of prostitutes.

to involved in the literary circle of high level, they besides rather feminine beauty, but also hard at writing techniques of practice;

in the interactions of the literati, they also won the artistic edification.

in jas set pen, they hear is people’s insights to art, ornamental tribute to the people’s work, even they also can get people knowledge directly in pen and ink, such as in the Ming dynasty famous prostitute Lin Nu son under Shi Ting straight, Wang Yuanfu professor study painting, Zhu Dou son to southern shandong painting landscape kei chan chan, etc. In this way, prostitutes can good at painting, poetry is a kind of luck, but also to meet the special needs of men and the phenomenon. In this way, a prostitute painter group was separated from common prostitutes, they are still in status for prostitutes, but their exquisite art makes them as a female artist and lasts long. Prostitutes painter’s far more than the attic painter narrow subject range, they mainly orchid, bamboo, because they seem to be more suitable for efforts of prostitutes. Way, with its beautiful, bamboo for its quiescence is hailed as scholars & other; The gentleman & throughout; Have a gentleman’s demeanor LanZhu, through performance, can be identified themselves are falling in a brothel, but still do not break the special mentality of noble and pure feelings. And secondly, when painting as a scholar, an important cultural content of the communication between with prostitutes, LanZhu image with simple, creation time is short, live daub at branch, can form the characteristics of the spirit foot, and attracts the prostitutes for creation, to help is at hand.

Ma Shouzhen (1548-1604)

small xuan son, month jiao, xiang LAN. Jinling (now nanjing, jiangsu province) people. Her with its smart alert, can good at painting, poem and light goods heavy righteousness, and become very famous prostitute. She between the letters, especially with the scribes Wang Zhideng (word “valley) is the most friendly. They acknowledged each other respond, enjoy dancing and drawing art exhibit on penetration in the pleasant chat more often. Ma Shouzhen make free painting flowers, especially in the fine painting orchid and paintings of famous jiangnan, therefore from number & other; Ma Xianglan & throughout; . Don’t value her work to the external form of the detailed score, and emphasis on writing of memory spirit, take elicits the escape of the mind. “LanZhuShi figure” fan leaf to see line marks of the ink in the stroke, by rapidly by foliar depth is different, dry run, while enrich the visual effect, make public the physical property of flowing free and easy. “LanZhu figure” fan was also gives life dynamic LanZhu work, the author is not deliberately run on composition, LanZhu, according to the potential risks for mirroring. Orchid, bamboo, though only draw five left in the picture, but they are flip with rank, rich expression, and bearing meet love between each other, foil each other. Hidden Ma Shouzhen works include: “LanZhu narcissus figure axis, the orchid figure volume, the orchid figure axis nearly ten pieces, etc.

with two Ma Shouzhen on painting orchid is Gu Mei (1619-1664), born eyebrows, her words a word eyebrow, zhuang has (now nanjing, jiangsu province) people. With coach white door, small BianYu Beijing, dong wan, beside qinhuai courtesan. After being married years jinshi Gong Dingzi to wife. Pure poetry good at painting my feet by her wit and charm, knowledge of music. Palace Museum the first volume “nine Wan figure”, is not shaped like a picture of synthesis, and the innocent romance of orchid real vitality, all written down now. Figure painting between slope tuo Buddha suppress Yang, orchid orchid to echo each other, orchid leaves very close nature of video clips very nicely.

Xue Susu in the Ming dynasty, xue five, word embellish niang, no snow. Birth year is unknown. She is a handsome in appearance, but in poetry, calligraphy and painting, flute, equestrian, embroidery and so on, implement and omnipotent jiangnan famous prostitute. On the painting of attainments, more make she calmly walked into the people of reward. She & other; Especially LanZhu, fast writing brush and each has its will. Painting is good, can’t also throughout &; . Palace Museum her LanZhu works include “LanZhuSong plum figure”, “moran figure”, “LanShi figure”, “LanZhu figure”, etc. Through these works, can unfold its LanZhu painting features: composition, she often arrange CongLan lake stone and so on, the main body of the right or left in the picture, then to elegant orchid leaf to the other side of the soft stretch stretches, so that the picture is full and empty spirit. Pen, scri le, not carve; Orchid leaves often a flick, rock experiment is also escape pen caocao, which reveals the author’s temperament of woman. Shi mo, strong light, ink color, rich color change. In addition to creating LanZhu, she also have a small amount of landscape painting. Palace with a picture of the lone figure creek bridge fan, rock on the basis of Cun figure, with ink and shading, make it in the drawn, strange forms including the show great refrigerant from aesthetic feeling. Characters in the painting are small such as inches, becoming a point of view, but because of vividly, have move feeling, be vividly portrayed key performers still images. This figure, like her LanZhu, no matter from by ink, or from the creative artistic conception, all show the aesthetic taste of literati paintings.

willow, (1618-1664)

this surnamed Yang, name of love, words is like this, no shadow flow. People in wujiang, jiangsu province. Early for nanjing famous prostitute, after return & other; Donglin leaders & throughout; Qian Qianyi to wife. She bo test group, to book good painting, and Huang Yuanjie as poetry, painting close friends. Liu, is assigned a talented, but very few literatures of the paintings. Palace only a landscape painting, namely the dike YanLiu diagram “in volume. In this size is not big on the work of Qian Qianyi wrote a postscript to HangShuTi, describes the creation of painting origin: in the willow is like this at the age of 27, built flower letter floor Qian Qianyi contribution for her. Liu’s back is building around TaoGongLiuLu, moved by the beauty of the can not help but want while xing he painted the figure. Because it is the author in a short period of time quickly sketch landscape outlined by the graph, the calligraphy lines weaker, object model is not accurate enough. But it has real natural breath and life breath. In pure and fresh quietly elegant color, the writer successfully reproduced the jiangnan warm water. Painting as the first female painter’s existing sketch landscape figure, has the vital significance in the history of Chinese painting and particularity.