Pu cunxin claims on the stage is play acting to feel comfortable after the age of 50

pu cunxin in “the lobbyist” zi gong. Photo/CFP

in October, pu cunxin three drama starring nail-biting & ndash; & ndash; “Steamed corn-bread hall” in a wretched the comedown of old juren, witty humor in “the lobbyist” zi gong, “li bai” in slightly mad god, the role of the three different personality, pu cunxin play up appear with ease. Last Tuesday, pu cunxin cinema played out in the east “lobbyists” with the financial times interview. He said he after age 50 acting didn’t feel comfortable. For the director Lin cooperation for many years, he found the Chinese drama & other great guide; Name & throughout; .

talk show don’t put yourself seriously

the show “lobbyists”, pu cunxin said more relaxed state of mind, he said: & other; Is playing on the stage, I am almost fan high and reach to the mouth. Throughout the &; In early work, pu cunxin plays the role of mostly partial & other; Throughout the &; In recent years, some of the characters is disruptive, such as in the movie “love bane villagers zhao is complete, articulate zi gong in the drama” the lobbyist “. To this, pu cunxin said he did not deliberately choose roles, some roles need to touch, the premise is can’t be too seriously myself.

he said He Bingceng talked about one thing with him. More than a decade ago, bing he xiao liu is pitted in the teahouse, he find ruocheng ying teacher, ask him how to perform. Ruocheng ying said simply, actor is installation grandson. Pu cunxin of this sentence is very impressive, he said: & other; Ruocheng ying teacher in the book also mentioned that actors should be liquid, and it is very thin liquid, put in what container is what kind. Throughout the &;

about bottleneck read zhuangzi fruitful

pu cunxin said with a smile, said a understand the truth, but he is really want to clear after the age of 50. Pu cunxin was born in 1953, he said: & other; I met the bottleneck at the age of 45 to 50, hair fall off, all want to wake up every morning, I do all over the years, feeling nothing. Throughout the &; Asked him how this period is spent, pu cunxin, said at the time he will see Lao tze of the daodejing, the zhuangzi, a lot of harvest. He in the language of the zhuangzi, & other Heaven and earth have big beauty without words, four clear method without debate, all things rather than success. Throughout the &; Pu cunxin said, a lot of things need not say more, would like to open the is nothing, let nature take its course.

about dramatic draw nutrition from traditional

pu cunxin cooperate with Lin too much works, from the early years of “Hamlet” zhao’s orphan “, to “steamed corn-bread hall” lobbyists “, etc in recent years. When it comes to cooperation “lobbyists” the show, said pu cunxin, & other; Feel too simple, just got the script rehearsal later after a deal with Lin, feel to play, I didn’t expect the spring and autumn period and the warring states era character can also so witty humor. Throughout the &;

in the recently held & other In 2011, Lin invitational exhibition of drama & throughout; Conference, Lin regrets what they have been asking for years is a drama, said Chinese drama can say only traditional opera school, but now no one is to study well. Mention big guide’s comments, pu cunxin have a good feeling, he said: & other; Really big lead over the years has been looking for Chinese drama of the ribs, early years has he been to Germany, France, eventually return home to find a Chinese drama his surname, draw nutrition from the Chinese traditional opera and folk arts. Throughout the &; He said you can tell from the modern drama “the lobbyist” some answers to such as accompaniment of quyi elements; Performance is also, zi gong standing in front of an audience long monologue, the actor behind the stand, which were very similar with traditional Beijing Opera form.

asked about how to get people to pay attention to traditional culture, pu cunxin, acknowledges that the construction of some good drama performance venues is a good thing, of course, the key is, from the perspective of the education. He said: & other; Our childhood is to see the “water margin” half writings in classical style, the foundation of traditional culture is watching these classic novels lay. Now, schools should offer some elective courses, such as the classics, cultivating youth more interest in traditional culture. Throughout the &;