Pu cunxin father critically ill in the hospital still performing on stage Because “play than a big”

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on August 10, pu cunxin drama starring “lobbyists” will be staged in chengdu. In drama on the stage for more than 30 years of pu cunxin this time’s disciple zi gong, through & other Lobbyists & throughout; To read the analects of Confucius. Believe in chengdu, he said, the audience can be blended in among them, and his share the charm of drama.

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pu cunxin, the CPPCC national committee, national first-level actor, vice President of the Beijing people’s art theatre, vice President of Chinese performers association, vice-chairman of China film association, Beijing dramatist association President. Was born in Beijing in 1953, 1970 to the production and construction corps in heilongjiang province as the educated youth. In 1986 to enter the Beijing people’s art theatre, starred in dozens of outstanding drama, film and television works, has won many awards at home and abroad, including “steamed corn-bread hall” and “wilderness” Hamlet “and” to the audience left a deep impression.

Interview’s note

(August 4, 2012)

in 2010, I in chengdu, chengdu palace watching the drama “li bai” pu cunxin. Pu cunxin long sleeve is 1.81 m tall, pitch heaven and earth, and deduce the poet’s life story: the eighth century, tang dynasty building in the history of Ann disorderly army horse tottering. The poet was filled with patriotism, mutton bustin top gun but did not get a chance, soon, exiled yelang. All the way of the bitter wind, to the treasure. Because of the military forces marshal prince zhongwu of fenyang, li bai in the forgiveness, canoe put DangTu straight. DangTu landscape, although the urge calm li bai, and the final game of the special riot summons and agitate the poet’s patriotic passion, he made a terrible stunning feat: in the graveyard joined the army. Boat drifting in the river in the moonlight, the poet gone. Li bai poetry invincible, haughty craziness, drunken songs, patriotic, are pu cunxin performance of crystal clear. The pu cunxin called & other; Prose work & throughout; Poetic drama, confirm the pu cunxin, play to the sake, performance has become a kind of adventure. & other; I tried to grope for a state of passion on the stage, looking for a miracle. Both the audience and myself, to be able to on the stage of “li bai” interpretation of life. Throughout the &;

directed by famous director Lin, pu cunxin, high ‘drama starring “the lobbyist” has around 2010 in parts of the city, caused widespread concern. “Lobbyists” to get rid of the historical play serious, rigid, with a drama stars humorous performances, shows the other side of the stars talents, to read the play. It is considered that the both ancient literature, larded, also contain & other Officialdom in the sky & remember throughout; Means of drama in the humour to extrapolate. After two years of hone, more mellow “lobbyists”, its original performance to chengdu, will no doubt offer chengdu audience a rare high art feast. On August 4, 9, I a lot of people in the telephone interview in Shanghai pu cunxin.

pu cunxin’s voice sounds very magnetic, thick, make me feel the stage that the pu cunxin pu cunxin and telephone no. We scheduled interview time control in about 30 minutes. He first declare no meaning of arrogance to elaborate, but someone at home is sick, myself a bit of a mess, is connecting to the doctor. But with the deepening of the topic, he began to gush, his phone is power off, and to communicate in landline, interview lasted for nearly 70 minutes. It was a generation of artists in art piety and insights.

pu cunxin some movingly remember just at the end of the Shanghai show, & other; This time & lsquo; People & rsquo; Are welcomed by the Shanghai audience unprecedented, show appreciation in the fine art of the audience. The key is whether company can get stand up to the audience and the test of time. I said, a good company, one is to retain the best talent, 2 it is to eliminate interference. The truth solid say, departments of the government never & lsquo; People & rsquo; The play. This is & lsquo; People & rsquo; The foothold. In contrast, some local theater, because have multilayer leadership, the relevant functional departments of the play put on by the they never is strictly controlled, which to a certain extent, affected the troupe performances of gout and artistry, viewers don’t like, almost no money to buy tickets. The so-called & lsquo; Drama & rsquo; But is the lack of audience & lsquo; The celebration show & rsquo; . On the other hand, some people are grumbling about troupe to no to market & hellip; & hellip; I hope I can really live in the local theater audience. Throughout the &;


let himself and the audience through the interpretation stage life

in, put it down, not ten

reporter (hereinafter referred to as “) : actors to play, there is always one of the most impress their own thing, “lobbyists” are you reading the script, what impressed you most?

pu cunxin (hereinafter referred to as simply) : tell the truth, “lobbyists” the play didn’t impress me, because the script is too simple. “The lobbyist” did not suddenly let me into the role, not persuade me. I began to also feel not good, but the proportion of the play jokes, humor is appropriate, this is the place where attracts me. The play is as the saying goes, & other; Trading & throughout; , belong to the modern perspective historical play. Of course, we look at history is always in the view of modern.

director Lin said he hoped “the lobbyist” get rid of the serious past historical plays, with folk performances, joke funny music for the show. “The lobbyist” said is Confucius’ disciple zi gong to three inches golden tongue to trigger a world war ii story. I starred in zi gong, belongs to the blarney contend, the role of this elegant ever play with me a positive image is different, is another kind of adventure.

reporter: you said people 50 years old, the feeling of acting is not the same as before. Specifically what different? In more adept at the same time, will also lose the youthful passion?

simply: this is not the same has two meanings: one is his & other; Put it in & throughout; Go up, put myself completely in art stage. Accumulation of experience, the technical process of accumulation in the field of life_ ascension; The second is his & other; Down & throughout; . Completely put down fame and fortune. Some people succeed, often say & other; Moved on & throughout; Like, I feel insecure. Won a prize, and then get a prize, now rising, is not necessarily a path to an artist. Put these, is another realm. I think I see this & other; Put down the spirit & throughout; , estrogen, moving artistic pursuit is naturally, passion is no longer Shouting. This regard, the director Lin had a great influence on me. After decades of performance, I see condescend, put down the self-limiting, put down the importance of self-righteous. Some young actors like to show off, but I pursue is & other; And feel not performed throughout the &; The kind of realm. Our people’s predecessors is humble, one elegant, regardless of the stage the audience always can let a person feel a kind of deep soul of Chinese traditional culture, they also affects us.

in the concrete art practice, the Peking Opera artists have such formula, & other; Three shape, six strength, heart eight, had no intention of ten throughout the &; . & other; Three shape & throughout; Said the actor’s figure and appearance with accurate position, posture, modest, three points is enough. Until about appearance, drive also can through to shape up, don’t make the obstinacy, to six points. Then according to the logic of the characters, the in the mind think, god is come out, this to the eighth. Don’t have to pay special attention to the heart, naturally to figure that out, at the same time also can put the idea and appearance together, forming a natural verve, experience and performance to achieve organic unification, play well, the temperature is the very. I aspire to this calmly.