Pu cunxin new breakthrough, everyone said I play good (FIG.)


scene: buck teeth, steel, inferior suit, this & other; Complete & throughout; Sometimes funny, sometimes hateful.

the film “love” released a few days later, drama “li bai” premiere in people again, pu cunxin off buck teeth and the big slicked back, change a bad suit to linen straw shoe, poetry on the stage sword & ndash; & ndash; From this and other Li bai & throughout; , it is difficult to find & other; Complete & throughout; In the shadow.

the performance, a warm applause and usual, pu cunxin with end smile surrounded by reporters, when the crowd dispersed, the reporter asked in the background & other; Complete & throughout; And “love, he’s look dignified. From his word sounds, the original film, called “magic gaiden” this is a work full of fatalism and magic, and the audience to see after the “love” is to weigh the pros and cons of the product. Pu cunxin, however, said, understand the difficulties and suffering, the director gu behind the & other; This is the best result & throughout; .

modelling breakthrough to give the audience surprise

Beijing news: what are you “love” in the modelling to the audience feel very surprised.

pu cunxin: in fact in the drama “steamed corn-bread hall” before I was then a modelling, jiang wenli came to see the play, and gu when they didn’t recognize me.

got a buck teeth, mouth bulging with hyperbole, face shape is changed, then I smile, appear very ferocious, quite good fun.

the Beijing news: why purposely left a big steel?

pu cunxin: in the last century the nineties the boys to keep long hair, to cut his hair with going to kill him. Gu and I meet for the first time is in November 2009, from then began to leave the hair, leave for almost three months. I really never leave in my life so long hair.

the Beijing news: why do you have to make a contrast with yourself before such a big model?

pu cunxin: one of my most important starting point is to let the audience to pay attention to the role, don’t pay attention to the actor. The actor, is not the same as the host, singer, must hide behind the character to express. Interest in this role, bring you a surprise: the original pu cunxin also can do this.

the Beijing news: gu is how to tell you about this role?

pu cunxin: he said that this role is fun, complete is not a bad person, is a great artist, anything, is the leader of the characters in the village. But this is all cloud mountain fog cover, I have to find their own feeling, slowly stroke out such a person.

I live in the countryside for a long time, my mind is such a person, know what is this kind of person.

the Beijing news: how do you think of all this role?

pu cunxin, complete in itself is quite good, he is not in order to get rich? But also with the whole village to get rich. But he won’t let his brother sell other people’s blood was sold, oneself also don’t sell, said from this Angle, he is a man of a little evil, mercenary, this role is to criticize such a cynical person.

“love original & have spent Similar to “one hundred years of solitude”

the Beijing news: “love cut off a lot of drama, what do you think is the main reason?

pu cunxin: this is a very difficult thing to do. Gu’s quantity is too large, for a movie, too long, can get set up and down.

I shall laugh at him, have such a big shit. It is a story of more line, can’t say a theme, for example, Chen zhongshi how “white deer” made into a film is more than one hundred minutes? So can only get into & other; Throughout the story of the little moths &; .

Beijing news: I heard that there are a lot of wonderful group scene was cut off?

pu cunxin: is really have a lot of group play, the movie original structure, calm thinking after the gu, with “one hundred years of solitude” is about the same.

the Beijing news: but now, it seems, the film is not like “one hundred years of solitude”.

pu cunxin: it can’t. Long who do late very suffering, had said in December last year was out, but efforts are about to him. I watched a film in their house before, particularly disappointed.

the Beijing news: is this released version now?

pu cunxin: no, the other version. If that cut dead loss what all completed, business: no, not art. Now, I think the release version, after weighing the pros and cons to this already very not easy. If long who have the opportunity to make a DVD version, can be made into another state.