Pu yi was enthusiastic cyclist: cut inside the palace gate threshold for cycling

the first Beijing bicycle opened in Beijing on the 15th week. Activity brings together the world’s most top brand of bicycle, a bicycle luxury visual feast. And the last emperor had ridden a bike also appeared.

at the fair, you can see on behalf of the world first-class technology of UCC bicycles in the latest global carbon fiber, Cervelo company produces the world’s fastest time trial bike, California made the lightest professional racing R5CA and fastest air vehicle S5. Besides, there are BMC card del team & middot; Evans to win the tour DE France race championship last year with bike riding, carbon fiber road and Avanti from New Zealand.

visitors are most interested in is the last emperor pu yi was in the ride a bicycle. Allegedly, pu yi was a bicycle enthusiast, he ordered his cut off part of the threshold of the gate inside the imperial palace, so that he can free riding in it, don’t have to out of the car through the gate. Visitors can also see the world’s oldest a bike & ndash; & ndash; DE les bicycle made in 1817.

although Beijing has been called & other; The bicycle kingdom throughout the &; , but in the past 20 years, falling in the number of bicycles as a travel tool. Motor is dominate the city, the number has more than 5 million. In recent years, with the popularity of cycling in China and the environmental protection concept deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, the bike is gradually returned to the city in the form of a new middle & ndash; & ndash; Become a kind of emerging middle class of entertainment tool.

and a growing number of cycling, also promote popularization for cycling. In October last year, and tour belong to the world’s highest tour Beijing held in Beijing, has brought together from 18 world top cycling team of more than 150 world-class excellent driver, also contributed a lot to the return of the bicycle popularization. The