Pu yi young experience sexual dysfunction Zhou enlai for the diagnosis of traditional Chinese medicine, please

this is a picture of an undisclosed, looks emperor and empress wanrong two people further apart. Photo: the Beijing evening news

at the age of eleven, he entered the palace nine years later, my grandmother and mother together with his brother and sister entered the palace, after they first saw the palace pu yi.

the palace on the first day, bojie and second sister Yun He in zhuang and toffee there smashed POTS.

when zhuang and toffee asked Yun He likes to eat what fruit, Yun He didn’t even think about, freely answer: & other; Pears, I like to eat a pear! Throughout the &;

and a listen to, immediately asked face down, because pear and separation & other Throughout the &; Homophones, made a taboo.

three younger sister Yun ying was inadvertently round field, quickly, like to eat persimmon, makes toffee face & other; Cloudy to overcast & throughout; .

two sister Yun He first met five years older than himself, pu yi, affectionately call him: the emperor brother & hellip; & hellip; An old eunuch hear, after the block don’t let it, pu yi is not only not angry, but feel very fun, a woman.she said to the old eunuch: & other; Don’t tube her, let her so called. Throughout the &;

in February 1919, the son of Li Jingmai recommended to him by seven uncle carried out an Englishman bound to teaching English.

after more than two years, pu yi listen to not to spoil the master & other; The pig tail & throughout; Joke, provoke angrily to cut off the braid. Presence of yu tang after meet, kiss to say & other; You are the emperor, you braid cut, can be sold to western lady when the wig, can earn a sum of money! Throughout the &;

puyi regard this as a great irony, after listening to her unhappiness.

suddenly, the house except a few office secretary and three Chinese teachers, the rest of the thousands of braid overnight disappeared without a trace.

in the movie, “the last emperor,” bound) gave pu yi to ride a bike, but according to the empress wanrong brother embellish our memories, palace first he ride a bike come in, later also came in motorcycle riding.

pu yi is in the palace to the east of strip is practiced, according to embellish our memories, puyi show movies in the film projector, are the three sons of rong lu & other; Throughout the three uncle &; Brought in from abroad.

when pu yi from the palace has been brought to the management of the war criminals, in fushun ox-leather case back to Beijing, is the only served in the projector’s suitcase.

jia said that occurred in February 1923, pu yi & other; Go abroad to study abroad & throughout; Attempted, some people take it for granted, to interpret as a & other; Restoration of the abortion & throughout; That is the lack of basis.

in fact, because is affected by the bound), puyi and bojie to the west is very yearning. In order to go abroad to study, they successively from the palace & other; DaoYun & throughout; More than two hundred kinds of thousands of pieces of calligraphy and painting, hanging scroll, more than two hundred kinds of song edition. Pu yi also telephone contact the Netherlands minister personally receive government degrees, bojie to confirm the details, by the pass civil examinations to creature to meet in the car.

the results for an hour before the palace, after being received news, ordered the Forbidden City martial law. Studying abroad & other; Abortion & throughout; . Embellish our later life, according to pu yi thought mysterious, empress wanrong actually already know, she used to call home, after her father’s plan office secretary information about rong yuan know, just leave to the load being.