Public nursing dispute: privacy embarrassed by young children crying (FIG.)

acer bus station there is a love, but no mention of lactation.

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recently, Internet & other; Woo hin mom & throughout; In wuhan on a BBS post said: a lot of time just mom also have difficulty, on the bus, the hospital corridor, the baby is hungry, began to cry, baby don’t eat milk bottle, crying, mother can only loose skirt, publicly to nurse the baby.

& other; Breast intimate place belongs to a woman, not as a last resort, who do not want to expose, under the eyes of his embarrassment also embarrass others. But as a mother, the baby is hungry cry, can not love? Throughout the &; Once issued, this post by today at least more than 500 postings.

eighty percent of young mothers who can’t refuse the baby’s crying

recently, the reporter at the hankou railway station, the wuchang railway station, bus terminal, acer Fu Gupo bus, bus terminal and are asking for a 50 Jin Gudun lactation women, more than 80% of young mothers think & other; When the baby hungry cry, we cannot reject & throughout; In favour of breastfeeding in public. Only nine mothers against breast-feeding in public, and said & other; Do not to come out this kind of thing & throughout; .

the reporter interviewed 20 men, 18 people understand, 2 were against it.

in favor of the article 】 【

11 o ‘clock in the morning yesterday, who lives in Yellowstone miss dong, holding the son off at the bus Fu Gupo, miss dong this year 22 years old, during the Dragon Boat Festival of leisure time, she took 11 months to hankou, the son of aunt home to visit relatives.

when it comes to the question of whether the public should be fed children, hesitation, she nodded and said it was the mother have to do.

& other; In the beginning I was very shy. Throughout the &; Miss dong first met children eat milk, she was in the park for a stroll with her babies. & other; Suddenly began to cry, head still arch on my chest. Throughout the &; Miss dong laughed when the park there are too many people, she also can’t find shelter, but the child cry too much, had to feed the child simply bring about clothes.

since then, miss dong increasingly find nursing in public is a very natural thing. & other; Glances are floating clouds, the child is the absolute principle. Throughout the &; Miss dong said.


where childrenMother’s soft rib

2 PM yesterday, the reporter saw are fed children in wuchang railway station waiting room ms zhao. Ms zhao, this year 29 years old, her daughter had just six months.

& other; My child as long as a cry, I can’t stand it. How many mothers could bear their children crying in front of your face so much also don’t have the heart to feed him? Throughout the &; Ms zhao said affectionately looking at their children, and other All say children is mommy’s boys, willing to do anything for a mother, I’m not particularly understand before, but since I became a mother, I knew this kind of mood. So what is for breastfeeding in public? Throughout the &;

ms zhao tells a reporter, she also hope that the children in the outside can’t cry not make, don’t want to eat milk not go to the toilet, but how is that possible?

however, ms zhao still had prepared a big towel, give the child breastfeeding can the privacy, cover with a towel, embarrass myself and people around him less as far as possible.