Pure “study lounges girl” guitar playing college students: she can extract (FIG.)

s Taylor bebby is earlier this year for universities and colleges in Beijing college students singing popular network & quot; Study area girls & quot; . The picture shows her & quot; Landing & quot; Guangzhou university singing images. Images from weibo

white shirt, jeans, guitar singing her song can help you to extract the

& other; Study area girls & throughout; In jinan, China farming study lounges for students SongGe, classmates call song fresh

if you are at a university study lounges review tension for reference, there is a small shape and pure and fresh girl holding the guitar, sitting on the desk for you to sing “the outside world”, you will instantly forget learning pressure & other; Be cured & throughout; ? On Friday, in a white shirt, jeans and other Small and pure and fresh & throughout; Respectively to jinan and study lounges for college students of China farming SongGe, reduce the pressure of learning, many college students are lamenting her singing and pure and fresh and moving, absolute & other; Healing & throughout; . Who is she? She is earlier this year popular & other; Study area girls & throughout; & ndash; & ndash; Taylor bebby.