Push virtual palace culture “the palace toy” netizens who are of very cute

shut in deep GongJin emperor in the courtyard, playing as a child? Recently, a virtual museum website culture project & other The palace of toys & throughout; On high attention, puppet, hemlock, & other; DiaoYin cage & throughout; , wood camel & hellip; & hellip; Cabinet and delicate toys by netizens praise & other; Is of very cute & throughout; . The presenter of the imperial palace relics experts Liu Baojian said, in fact, most little emperors in the qing dynasty toy market in east Anglia could buy, and also is the same as the ordinary people, & other; The biggest difference in how to play. Throughout the &;

in the divided into & other; Looking at play throughout the &; & other; Listen to play & throughout; & other; Play & throughout; & other; Learn while playing & throughout; Four column, puppet, small table, small bench, common toys such as Lord rabbit also appeared in the emperor played with toys. And more reveal the identity of the is the western toys, Liu Baojian introduction, old palace in possession of a number of mechanical dolls, toys in spring as a driving force, after the first quarter the action can be done through the gears transmission, outside the exquisite movement, the dolls are bright clothes, both blonde magic foreign children, has combed the small ZhuaJi wearing bright red coat Chinese doll fan, feather fan, more wearing says this isn’t a military comedian in Chinese operas, Peking Opera and other Look at is not only a novel. Throughout the &; She introduces, mechanical dolls for foreign tribute, the objects in the office has created, as the unique toys for the palace, with bright color of match well of Chinese and western, & other; Enjoy them, may be it is not just a child. Throughout the &; In addition, there are wooden mouth organ can bring their play, and after the first quarter to pronunciation of toys, such as France’s & other; DiaoYin cage & throughout; Can emit sweet birdsong, Swiss music box can be played 18 Chinese melodies, & other; This is the palace was the most fashionable toys. Throughout the &;

but the real difference between a source of toys, may not be & other; The key is how to play. Throughout the &; Liu Baojian said that ordinary families children get a toy could play or and friends to play together, but at the time of the palace, little emperors also is not only do his homework in his palace to learn piano chess calligraphy and painting, might ordered eunuch to accompany queen mother play little emperors, & other; Puppet who is given priority to with acting, due to the operation need to be trained, so there is usually a dancing in the court, in the first half of my eunuch to play a record of the puppet show. Throughout the &;