Putin hidden $700000 watches lead question most expensive a $500000 (figure)

putin accused have expensive watches.

the opposition said the incumbent President vladimir putin has more nice watch, worth about $700000 (4.42 million yuan), is six times the annual salary, thus suspected that the source of the illegal.

the opposition, said Mr Putin had a most expensive watches is a famous brand in Germany, a Tourbograph lundgren stone table, value of $500000. It has a platinum case, gold-plated clockwise, sapphire crystal surface, collocation is a handmade crocodile leather strap. Video data shows that Mr Putin has worn the watch on May 12 this year.

in addition, the opposition said putin once worn patek philippe worth $60000, $18000 of breguet patek philippe, $15000, $10000 treasure pearl watches. Mr Putin’s salary is only about $115000.

Russia’s former deputy prime minister nemtsov has in weibo jokingly said that saw US President barack Obama on TV by wearing watches worth about $200, the French President francois hollande wore a $150 watch, our President putin seems to have 6 years don’t eat not to drink to saved enough money to buy these watches.