Puyi are afraid to divorce his wife arrogance: who kneel for mercy to his wife

Annie lee character

one day in the early 1990 s, I went to Mr Pu ren. After greeting, Mr Pu ren lady Zhang Maoying me one thing, do you want me to help her take seasonal fresh fruit to tao’s widow Wang Naiwen. I was also met with Wang Naiwen elders is not familiar, she is carrying out his third wife, call carried out seven grandpa inference according to my childhood, the seven grandma said she. But the somebody else is itself a third wife, said seven grandma will have ambiguity, is not satisfactory, so elder grandma let me call her gold in the home.

to Mr Pu ren house was meant to for something, for a few days ago I see a book published in 1985 in Hong Kong magazine, which published the Annie lee & other Work & throughout; . About that & other; Work & throughout; Quite a lot questions, in Mr Pu ren home to reassure. However, I do not know how to ask. Hesitated between, a listen to Mr Zhang Maoying sent, be suddenly enlightened, why don’t you take this opportunity to gold for grandma?

just a takes a seat, I was hard straight asked: & other; Gold grandma, you are familiar with Annie lee? Throughout the &;

gold grandmother replied, & other; That is either, I have many walk, of course. Throughout the &; Then ask me: & other; B: why do you ask her? Throughout the &;

I flashed the Hong Kong magazine, tell grandma: gold & other; This above her masterpiece, the headline & lsquo; And I & rsquo; Subtitle is & lsquo; From friendship to love & rsquo; . Throughout the &; Gold grandma smell one leng: & other; From friendship to love? This is what she said? I don’t know what the poor! Throughout the &;

after poured tea, gold grandma said her eyes, let me put the articles read it to her.

so I just read, when reciting the article tell miss two feudal aristocracy before she chases, entanglement, pu yi, also describe their grooming, gold grandma let me stop, read it again. & other; A profuse pearls and jade, dressed in embroider cheongsam; A top jewelry, dressed beautifully dressed. Throughout the &; I am ZunZhu and read it again.

gold grandma thus opened the chatterboxes, & other; This is not a full run out? Liberation for 10 years, and it offers in addition to the stage, young girls have this up? The girl again beautiful also at that time very hot heads, uncompleted hair, this how can wear pearls and jade jewelry? Spoiling people didn’t like! Throughout the &;

taste gold grandma’s comments, in the heart dark sigh: yeah, the young women don’t tube perm, comb a plait at that time or & other; Uncompleted hair & throughout; , wearing a hair band, hair clips, said Annie lee & other Profuse pearls and jade jewelry, head & throughout; It was impossible. And the embroider cheongsam, in addition to seen on stage, there has never been seen in daily life & hellip; & hellip; Annie lee is indeed & other; With a mouthful of run out & throughout; . The editor of Hong Kong is stupid enough to make the common-sense error, not afraid of smashed magazine brand? May be unaware of the situation of the mainland, Jeremy levin ZhaoDeng?

then gold grandmother told me that the two girl she is familiar with, the first is the empress wanrong YiMei, because puyi to somebody else’s home, good pu yi and the girl chat, so someone is set, then pu yi said to find also bitter, who find it to stop, the somebody else the girl never entangled pu yi. Besides, pu yi what entanglement? Then pu yi in xiang shan botanical garden work, 60 yuan a month, while labor too thought report, worth entanglement?

gold grandma went on to say that, after a period of time, puyi transferred to the Chinese people’s political consultative conference literature and history data of office work, carrying the old look at his food won’t do, garment won’t wash, life like a day, not to feel sorry for him, want to introduce their daughter do to pu yi. Years old with pu yi, pu yi is said to find bitter origins, otherwise we may not find. It will draw full stop here, what & other; Chasing & throughout; And & other Entanglement & throughout; ?

before I speak, gold and grandma told him a story she did her, & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; Property, YuPingBo of home nanny by red guards, YuPingBo couples aged sick nobody tube, is she take risks to take care of two old people. Gold grandma said, “this character is Li Shu sage and?

by introducing dry daughter keeps talking about Annie lee again, gold grandma said: & other; Annie lee is pu yi in Chinese people’s political consultative conference (CPPCC) colleagues Zhou Zhenjiang and people’s publishing house surnamed sand, editor of the introduced to pu yi. Puyi meeting Annie lee is the first time during the Spring Festival in 1962, after several months of April 21, registration, wedding on April 30. Wedding day, years old and I went to. Throughout the &;

gold grandma evaluation: pu yi and Annie lee love not only & other; Fast & throughout; And they are all not telling the truth. Speaking of which, gold grandma took an actor’s lines: & other; Two people heart bosom chuai. Throughout the &;

originally, puyi deceive himself could not have children, while Annie lee put his own life.

Annie lee with pu yi said she lost eight years old, 14 years old and lived on her 17-year-old stepmother to sell her to a rich man son as his wife. She was the stepmother abused, run to Beijing from jiangnan to cousin. Annie lee’s statement to pu yi moved heart, is actually puyi had been cheated. Because the Chinese people’s political consultative conference (CPPCC) authority survey results is not the same as her report.

Annie lee as a dancer in Shanghai has also associating with many people. Formally marry married people after 1949, recently divorced before with pu yi. However, when the Chinese people’s political consultative conference (CPPCC) authority survey released, puyi and Annie lee to receive a marriage certificate. Get to know each other less than a few months can’t wait to register, why didn’t wait the results of the survey & hellip; & hellip; Only the pu yi can clear.

gold grandma said, before the puyi learned that Annie lee and his contacts recently divorced, has also angered, vowing to singling out, then somehow QiaoMeiSheng son fall. Grandma regrets. Kim: & other; I’m afraid this is the life of pu yi, originally want to cover your fault, but let Annie lee lied to bottom out. Throughout the &;

gold regrets after asked me: grandma & other; Chopper what you hear about that? Throughout the &; I shook my head.

gold grandma always tells up again. Puyi and Annie lee soon start a family, once Annie lee chopping vegetables in the kitchen, let place table, pu yi, puyi accidentally broke a few dishes, Annie lee he clutched a chopper reprimanded, pu yi, & other; Do you want to do, but just a divorce! Throughout the &; Frighten puyi kneel for mercy, it is the past. Pu yi, dirty don’t in public like that, but he did it as a story. Others heard a joy, wallow in mind however, later wallow in an article about the matter.

Annie lee quit, she run to wallow, singling out house of wallow told her that is hardened and write, not his own. Love don’t want to tangle with her, so tell Annie lee & other; Don’t believe to ask bojie & throughout; . If any, is abuzz home out don’t STH over and over again. But Annie lee to bojie commands. Annie lee cry while corrupt accuse bojie her reputation, her and pu yi’s happiness.

bojie wanted to go off on words boss gave her a step, just as she said: & other; Don’t wallow in the letter, he was the military. Throughout the &; Behold, Annie lee could height, pitch rose higher and higher, not accused bojie, more & other; Charges & throughout; The family of the qing imperial house. What the feudal remnants, discrimination of working people, closed the group to build & hellip; her dear? & hellip; More say more can’t record. Never take offence at ordinary times bojie’s face fall on striking table, & other Is what I said, what do you love how wear! Throughout the &; Unexpectedly, bojie this strike table, Annie lee like broken electric sound of the horn, leng for a while, god to turn away.

the eldest sister-in-law good dream

gold grandma fell, pu yi, said pu yi whoever has a third of the bojie, Annie lee also would not be so arrogant. Kim said the grandmother, puyi monthly salary is not low, Chinese people’s political consultative conference and ration a cigarette every month, he can he do for a cigarette. Ask him why he is so poor? He said the salary by Annie lee tube, Annie lee didn’t give money to buy cigarettes, puyi only & other; Places throughout the &; Let a person, but to collect one over ten & other; Rebates & throughout; Bought by others, that is, a smoke, puyi smoke of a box at no cost. Kim said the grandmother, Annie lee don’t smoke, don’t let pu yi to smoke again, so that smoke & other; Cheap & throughout; Give a person.

at the time, I could not help but ask: & other; Puyi why so afraid of Annie lee? Throughout the &;

gold grandmother replied, & other; Afraid of divorce. Throughout the &; Kim said the grandmother, puyi had complained to them. Said at the beginning make a divorce in tianjin, the tabloids reported continuously, make he’s door; Changchun, then miss li and divorce with him, and he’s door, is now & other; The socialist new & throughout; , if again divorce kicking alive, he was afraid of divorce from the bottom of my heart. Annie lee captures the pu yi this fear, easily shout & other; Divorce & throughout; , puyi a listen to these two words will beg for mercy, wrong yes all admit, Annie lee is also more and more arrogant.

for Annie lee & other; Diao & throughout; , listen to. One year and Mr Bojie’s are both loved ones and friends to firm in Beijing, to Mr Bojie birthday at that time, and to plunge into elegant proposed invite relatives get together for bojie hold a birthday party.

kindness with insistent, bojie will answer, but insists the table yourself. Bojie first couple invited, pu yi, and phase please visit in person. But when Annie lee don’t go, say bojie didn’t ask her. Puyi humble supplication, said the second son to please day, clear say is & other; Two presence throughout the &; , how can say didn’t you?

reject: Annie lee & other; I don’t call, no last name two, more is not your close-fitting wench, he didn’t respect please Annie lee, I I won’t go, you want to go, I don’t stop. Throughout the &; Pu yi cried out no matter how to also of no help, had to go out to make a phone call, quietly told Annie lee is ill, he had to stay home to look after. The bojie served, tao, pu ren all arrived, only pu yi couple & other loved ones; No attendance & throughout; .

after the event, Annie lee & the other; Don’t say a name to please me, I will not enjoy his face, I don’t go, puyi dare to blame? & throughout; The & other; Be fastidious & throughout; By her own mouth. However, she the make & other; Diao & throughout; No & other; Diao & throughout; Majesty to say, but relatives like hiding athel loren, could hide her away from her.

listen to grandma golden words, combined with the former days, have a preliminary understanding about Annie lee, also Annie lee of the Hong Kong magazine & other; Work & throughout; Have a comment.

to Mr Pu ren’s home again, talking about grandma heard Annie lee from gold, the resulting pu ren stopped. Pu ren said: & other; And fresh, I the eldest sister-in-law good dream, head of a dream sleep over the ashes of imperial concubine tan yuling moved; The second dream sleep over the ashes of pu yi moved & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

puyi successively and five women marry, his heart the most appropriate woman is imperial concubine tan yuling. But the Japanese have stereotypes about imperial concubine tan yuling, that imperial concubine tan yuling to puyi allegiance to the emperor of Japan’s thought has side effects, so in 1942, lent her treatment of motor and the imperial concubine tan yuling sixteen early death. Puyi guilt for tables, specifically borrowed from Beijing to give her a full set of imperial bar bulk sample the funeral, the coffin park prajna temple in changchun, it was not until after the Japanese surrender cremation.

the cremated ashes by pu way back to Beijing, by thin XiuBaoCun, yu 嵒 replace pu xiu’s death. After being puyi was amnesty, yu 嵒 ashes presented puyi, puyi always treasure at home. After his marriage with Annie lee, Annie lee will puyi to find a way to deal with, pu yi feel sorry. The sight of pu yi is not obedient, Annie lee is dreaming.

wake up one day, Annie lee with fear, told him her dream: night do imperial concubine tan yuling dressed in white gauze float chamber, a jump on the bed, she was scared in the middle of the night didn’t sleep. Then threaten, pu yi, have to make up your mind right now.

puyi rushed so called yu 嵒, said to yu 嵒 & other; Imperial concubine tan yuling’s ashes here, aunt you scared, or you take back and keep it for me. Throughout the &; Yu 嵒 helpless to ashes holds back to his own home. Later, heard that changchun in the imperial concubine tan yuling’s ashes in Beijing, to negotiate with yu 嵒. So the imperial concubine tan yuling’s ashes back to changchun, changchun puppet existing Palace Museum.

Annie lee’s second dream in the early 1990 s, when the pu yi has died younger. She told people: & other; I had a dream, dreamed of a friend to hold the dragon come to my house, my friend said he would on a business trip, please me to keep the dragon. Who knows that a friend did, the dragon to drill Wells & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; Then she explained this is pu yi appeared, and then she will go to pu yi’s ashes to xiling & other; Hualong cemetery & throughout; . And stressed: & other; Say I’m superstitious, I should now be just think about it. Throughout the &;

after the death of pu yi, ashes has been placed in the babaoshan cemetery, with people such as fu zuoyi ashes together in one room. Annie lee in the spread of puyi appeared at the same time, also touted coined to foreign friends, said pu yi in late October 17, 1967, entrust her deathbed, to put her ashes to xiling & hellip; & hellip;

if anyone know details were derided her fictions, because puyi died in a coma all day long the personnel don’t know, ever had a recommendation? Moreover, in the ’60 s & other; Entrust & throughout; 90 s & other; Appearance & throughout; Isn’t it strange,!

she saw & other; Dreams & throughout; And & other Entrust & throughout; Relatives don’t believe, and send the other opinions: & other; Pu yi’s ashes storage babaoshan cemetery now, wait me after one hundred, nobody pay the safekeeping fee, will deeply buried, so I want to buy a piece of the cemetery, puyi and imperial concubine tan yuling buried together first, after I die to go there, too. Throughout the &;

however, two years later, wait for Annie lee terminally ill last changed the mind: & other; nullnullnullnullnullnull