Puyi wedding cost 550 550 silver Mei lanfang to play “farewell my concubine”

empress wanrong is the last empress in Chinese history, from 12 moon palace, where 1922 to November 1924 and was expelled from the last emperor palace, the Forbidden City living in total for two years. What was married into the palace of the empress wanrong? Her life in the palace is our favorite stylemakers situation? Through the original of the qing dynasty palace archives, we can have a roughly understanding.

empress wanrong didn’t go into the palace of qing door

puyi wedding is on December 1, 1922, he and his empress wanrong is 17 years old this year. The qing dynasty emperor married called the big wedding. Although at this time of the qing dynasty has been overturned for 11 years, but according to the royal treatment condition, emperor puyi remained addressed, and continue to live in the Forbidden City, so at home and abroad is still called the big wedding. The face into the Forbidden City, in addition to the empress, empress wanrong otherwise pretty princess embroidery.

empress wanrong can be selected when the queen, is really hard. At the beginning, to choose for pu yi queen after news spreads, spoken person can follow. But according to the custom, queen from full every nobles had a daughter selected. So, like, in Peiping, propose recommendations, were refused politely. , it is said that the pu yi was responsible for summary unmatchable situation uncle carried out on the table, the picture of the girl can be a binder. In this dazzling woman heap, after repeated screening, there are four people be shortlisted candidates. Then through carefully selected, the last empress wanrong and embroidery.

there is only one queen empress wanrong is choose, or embroidery, royal internal infighting, especially those toffee, all want little emperors to choose themselves look for the girl, to consolidate their power in palace. So to go to, the meeting, finally had to let him & other; The cutting & throughout; . After he saw empress wanrong and embroidered pictures, and ultimately selected queen empress wanrong, embroidered letter as wen shu princess. Folklore is the father of empress wanrong information about rong yuan spent 20 two thousand gold, for her daughter bought the queen this one rockhopper, this is only hearsay, is difficult to confirm.

to marry queen empress wanrong for rituals, all in accordance with the old routine of the qing dynasty, was divided into NaCai courtesy, big sign, title-conferring ceremony, wedding four steps. NaCai engagement significance, is in on October 21st, 1922, pu yi him with nearly one thousand people sent under ceremonial team of more than 100… and all the trimmings, Ann MaoEr hutong empress wanrong outside home to Beijing, to his father’s information about rong yuan to the bride. The next two months, has held a large ceremony and title-conferring and big sign the ritual is to tell the exact date of marriage, the woman home title-conferring rites are officially give the queen’s birthright. Speaking, empress wanrong wedding still has some regret. According to the qing dynasty rule, pander queen into the palace, no matter which bearing the queen lived in the capital, the set out, it takes qing door, again from the main gate of the Forbidden City & ndash; & ndash; Meridian gate into his palace. Qing door in peacetime in addition to the queen, the emperor can access at any time, any worker can’t walk without authorization, the queen also only in the big day can enjoy one more time. We didn’t enjoy the empress wanrong glory, she not only didn’t go into the palace qing door, and didn’t go meridian gate. Empress wanrong is take the DongHuaMen street, from DongHuaMen into the palace. From this point, she the little queen imperial era, and the true queen of qing empire is not the same. At this moment, pu yi was the abdication of the emperor, is allowed to live in the harem, but Forbidden City south of dry cleaning door place already belong to the beiyang government, so also can’t again so exquisite.

flexor index, 10 emperor of the qing shanhaiguan, successively kyoritsu 24 queen. If empress wanrong can also be called the queen, she is 25, is out of print, the queen of ancient China.

mei lanfang as the empress wanrong wedding play “farewell my concubine”

in archives preserved, pu yi, there are two gift books when the wedding ceremony, the cover on the wedding ceremony JinFeng bit of goods volume, gift-giving list one by one in the amount and type of names, items, etc. List, not only of the qing dynasty past the old minister, and the government of the republic of China’s top brass, warlords politicians, foreign diplomats are also available. At the time of President li and sent envoys with 20000 silver to congratulate. Like tsao kun, wu p ‘ei-fu, feng yuxiang, hsu shih-chang, Peiping, such as figures of the republic of China, and celebrities such as kang youwei were sent ruyi, furniture and other gifts.

in order to hold the wedding, when the small court established a dedicated & other; A big wedding in Shanghai & throughout; , they refer to the qing reign and the archives of the qing dynasty emperors, wedding, the size of the final decision according to the word emperor wedding to do, because the wedding is relatively less money. Although small court cannot too grandiose, but in the end, or spent more than 40 silver. At that time, the two yuan to buy a bag of flour. The guangxu emperor wedding, spent 550, two thousand silver!

during the wedding, the palace singing for 3 consecutive days, it took more than 30000 silver light. Be worth what carry is, also please mei lanfang Yang xiaolou, performed “farewell my concubine” the play. At that time, it has been put forward, in such a big day, it’s not reasonable to play such a sad scene. Puyi think it doesn’t matter, still decided to play. When the play was to estrogen, toffee and Kings all ladies shed tears. SanXi, royal old I worry a lot, and some believe that this is ominous. Two years later, when the emperor and empress wanrong is out of the house, someone said, this is all the fault of the wedding when play “farewell my concubine” of!

empress wanrong English name is Elizabeth in his palace

in the qing dynasty, the emperor’s birthday called Wan Shoujie, art is the queen’s birthday called section, whenever festivals like this, act in an opera in house to celebrate a few days. In September 1923, after is empress wanrong into the palace of art is the first day, although foreign repeatedly said to thrift, or rinse fang zhai sang a day in the Forbidden City, and around the eunuch and intrauterine a cop who reward silver respectively, less 2 yuan, 5 yuan, more than 10 yuan. Is in normal times, empress wanrong go to postiche living expenses also want to use every day.

it is said that the empress wanrong grew up in the period of the republic of China, since the childhood by his father’s influence, of doing business to accept a lot of westernization education. In the Forbidden City, and empress wanrong puyi often ride a bike, play together. Empress wanrong also taught puyi holding western food. Emperor and empress wanrong, embroidered the master of the small court, also in the house took some photos, left their body looks.

in the archives of pu yi, there are a lot of the empress wanrong in palace to pu yi’s English texts. The two of them can meet everyday, but also in English communication, suggests they then feelings still good. Empress wanrong to learn English, in his palace successively invited the two American women teachers, teach her. Embroider also learn English, please just is Chinese teacher. The empress wanrong to embroidered letter, also mixed with some English words from time to time. At that time, the empress wanrong has a English name is Elizabeth (Elizabeth), then her own written by transliteration & other; Saab in garment & throughout; Pu yi, English name is Henry (Henry). Western culture has entered into and affect the life the last of court.

on November 5, 1924, feng yuxiang troops into the Forbidden City. At the Beijing garrison commander LuZhongLin with two policemen came to the imperial palace, persecuted puyi small court accept the revised & other; Preferential conditions & throughout; And the day will be leaving the Forbidden City. The palace was a panic, puyi hands chin, without saying a word, embroidered reluctantly said: & other; Move out, the province the wind up here! Throughout the &; Only empress wanrong, Shouting said: & other; Anyway, I am determined, today does not move, can’t move! Throughout the &; However, willing to move or do not want to move, and the army into the palace of nine o ‘clock in the morning, pu yi is handed over 4 PM & other; The emperor’s treasure & throughout; And & other Xuantong treasure & throughout; Two printing, with the empress wanrong around a group of families, such as points, take five cars, temporarily moved to his father’s mansion of prince chun is being. The last emperor pu yi and the last queen empress xiaoke like this forever left the Forbidden City.

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