Qi baishi for disciple of wedding congratulations: a pair of a pair of lovebirds, a pair of worm

he is description on student, because my mother French literary world, and the world literary giant George Bernard shaw, Ernest Hemingway, tagore became close friends, he is ChengCheng. And ChengCheng attainments in painting is quite high, also is the traditional Chinese painting master qi baishi and xu beihong’s close friends, and also the life event ChengCheng and connected the two master of Chinese painting.

once ChengCheng visit has not seen for more than a decade old friends xu beihong. Xu beihong for his arrival, of course, very happy, chat to xing, was concerned about ChengCheng marital problems, & other; When you were in France, there is no question of one single. Returns a single and very inconvenient. So this time I hope you can early to solve personal problems. I have a student called Sun Duoci, tomorrow morning, I ask her to portrait, then you must come. Throughout the &; The next day, sheng into the blacklist, coincided with xu beihong is for Sun Duoci portraits, unfortunately, he looked after by finely heart but there is no feeling that they are destined to decree by destiny no points.

but ChengCheng of life events and another traditional Chinese painting master qi baishi has the indissoluble bond. On January 2, 1933, 34, ChengCheng stationed in Peiping and women’s university graduation Zheng Jian lady, who met and married in 19 during the month, and qi baishi Zheng Jian apprentice. When they got married, please do witness the qi baishi. Qi baishi Zheng Jian’s father is a best friend, when ChengCheng asked him to do witness, qi baishi said she had never done such a thing, don’t know how to do it. Finally, he wrote two poem gave them on the paper. Wrote: & other; A pair of a pair of lovebirds, a pair of worm. Throughout the &; Unfortunately, these two poem it comes, after a few years Zheng Jian who died in the war.