Qi baishi’s proudest close disciple Xu Linlu: life temperament Large hidden, such as the return

Xu Linlu, Wang Lingwen couple

& other; In those days the house, as a kind of temple, often some fell down and out of the monks to & lsquo; They are & rsquo; , seek solace from the wind and rain,. Love live long live long, your front foot just left turn so attentive welcome back again. Throughout the &; All Xu Linlu of eight children, also became friends orderlies, running errands, on-call. Huang yongyu has deep sigh, & other; This home until today, to the limits of my knowledge and emotional, I haven’t seen the second so sweet warm home. Throughout the &;

Li Keran, flavor, LouShiBai & hellip; & hellip; All house disciple of qi baishi, renowned and Xu Linlu should be regarded as one of the most low-key. Qi baishi in his painting style gradient, from freehand brushwork into abstract, confused people evaluate his old picture, but the Xu Linlu said: teacher, your painting reform. Qi baishi return six: & other; Rev. To reach the company also. Throughout the &; Founded Xu Linlu & other; Peace HuaDian & throughout; Once the city become celebrities gathered place, and in peace HuaDian you & other; Can’t buy a fake picture & throughout; . He was generous, generous hospitality, “water margin” in the XiaGanYiDan & other Small whirlwind wood into & throughout; Be friends borrowed for his reputation, all call him & other; Wood is the leading man & throughout; & hellip; & hellip; On August 9, 2011, a generation of Chinese painting master Xu Linlu through a life of rich and open-minded, has died at the age of 95.

make their own flour mills in the 50 s & other; Throughout 798 &;

on October 19, 1916, was born in penglai of shandong province Xu Linlu county, formerly known as Xu Delin. 4 years old when the family fled to tianjin, but many of his calligraphy and painting works, often visible to & other; Words & throughout; Is & other; The bohai sea Xu Lang & throughout; , & other Many students of the bohai sea & throughout; , & other House is our room & throughout; , it serves to show the love deep in my hometown.

Xu Linlu grandfather is fishing, father Xu Shuting was a blacksmith, through years of struggle as boss of the factory, is one of the success stories. In his design blueprint for son, sitting Xu Linlu will become a daily charter company manager. At the age of 16, type Xu Linlu tianjin business school, but he said & other; Is not this material, can’t call me use abacus. Throughout the &; He has no interest in business, but have a special liking to write, when I was a child he accidentally a enlightenment had many great painters “mustard seed garden”, they are not copy for many times. After graduating from walking all day in ShuSi HuaDian.

Xu Linlu one day I strolled into the HuaDian, a picture with a crow stands on the watermelon, let he suddenly feeling pleasantly surprised. The crow bigger than the true crows in the picture, also exaggerated, bold novel. Painter qi baishi this name from the root in his mind, he went to tianjin, big and small gallery, only to find paintings of qi baishi. To pooled their money to buy a picture, not only did he spend the salary, also play to depend on in front of mother, like a child even rolled on the ground in search. His wife Wang Lingwen recalls, & other; On the wedding day I can fight with him in the float, the ring he gave him our home sold to buy a painting. Throughout the &;

in 1939, 23 years old he met at the time of the Chinese painting industry and chang said & other; North south pu zhang & throughout; Pu heart, which became his passion for art guide first. Xu Linlu later to see the flavor of the exhibition in tianjin, feel & other Air big & throughout; , is very appreciate, 17, two man met in shandong, has become a best friend who never turns his back upon us. In 1945, the flavor will Xu Linlu brought to the teacher in front of qi baishi. The old man had 81 – year – old white, claiming that no longer enlightening, he hung up on holding note: & other; Heart attacks and stop to see guests. Throughout the &; Perhaps predestine relationship, on the day meet, qi baishi will make an exception and accept him as a ACTS. Like fostered numerous eminent people like wu changshuo, qi baishi also when the third time meet for him to change a name & ndash; & ndash; & other; Fostered numerous eminent people like wu changshuo call help the company, then you can call our room. Throughout the &;

is also in this year, in order to draw, the 29-year-old Xu Linlu persuade parents and his wife, his family moved to Beijing. In 1952, fathers Xu Shuting handle in Beijing dahua flour mills, let the son when the manager, or hope that his business. Downstairs is plant and machinery, Xu Linlu upstairs room with became the studio, no matter how downstairs machines roar, as long as some senior flavor, two brothers & other; Hide to become unification into the small building, throughout his summer and winter and spring and autumn period &; Painting, ZongGe, drinking all night, flour mills is forced into the Beijing as early as the 50 s & other Throughout 798 &; . Wife Wang Lingwen remember, one day rain, two people upstairs painting imperceptibly, drying on the ground the wheat was all poured a transparent & hellip; & hellip; Such business, a year after the factory is closed.

qi baishi inspiration & other; Learn me, like I will perish & throughout;

Xu Linlu first learn to the teacher’s painting prawns. Qi baishi then keeps a basin live shrimp, designed to see how the shrimp to swim, how leg, palpus how long. He likes to draw in the early morning prawns, Xu Linlu early in the morning to go to the teacher with ink pen, after go home. He abnormal work hard, sometimes overnight to draw more than 100 pieces of artwork, the teacher in his painting & other; The lotus figure & throughout; Drew two small flat fish, and topic: & other; Fill our room painted lotus, white stone flat fish, the fish guts, is the best of the known ‘room. Throughout the &;

in the end it’s all worthwhile. Xu Linlu exposed to learn the old painting essence, from imitation to chuan, finally reached the point of spurious. Painter Song Wenzhi please he painted shrimp, his paintings with qi baishi drawing together to guess, he said many times to come true, but to the teacher’s sex as false. Huang yongyu, said he and other Can conveniently draw together old man all kinds of works, depressed is simple, lively brisk, Lin Lin always, throughout all like &; , got & other; Dongcheng qi baishi & throughout; (qi baishi in his later years in Beijing xicheng district across the alley, Xu Linlu in the east of the city) when the reputation. But now a word from the teacher points to wake him, & other; Learn me, I will perish. Throughout the &;

fan when crossing, enlightenment from crossing. Sobering, under the inspiration of Xu Linlu began to jump out, deep study Xu Qingteng, eight mountain men, over and fostered numerous eminent people like wu changshuo, zhao zhiqian ink, eclecticism, finally hammered out a set of unique words grammar. He soon in drawing, Huang Miaozi evaluation he & other; Hand wind disease & throughout; , & other; I get to see the white stone old man painting is leisurely a pen a pen & lsquo; Write & rsquo; Brother, ‘the company is with flies and entity. But it is this & lsquo; Different & rsquo; He didn’t present a white stone old man accomplished protege disciple. Throughout the &; Qi baishi painting such as write regular script, of primitive simplicity and dignified Xu Linlu is exactly the opposite, with good at the unconstrained cursive script writing style show, formed its own unique spring painting style.