Qi baishi’s tomb forced resettlement from damage Often someone defecation in the graveyard (FIG.)

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qi baishi’s tomb

& other; While qi baishi’s tomb before operation, hurriedly took a few photos as a souvenir. Throughout the &; Yesterday, wei gong school district, haidian district, the key cultural relics protection units of qi baishi’s tomb resettlement project is underway. Because in the bustling downtown, the graveyard of ambient noise and have been not civilized behavior, qi baishi later decided to move to move it to golden hill cemetery.

construction has been more than 1 week

yesterday, the reporter saw in fair village village, qi baishi’s tomb of the baffles are tightly surrounded, surrounded by construction cannot see inside the mining process. Baffle, piled up a lot of cement stones and sand. Reporters tried to close to find out, immediately discouraged by two construction personnel. The other said, at present the construction has been for more than 1 week time, gravestones have been dislodged, underground work is in progress.

reporter noticed, qi baishi’s tomb is located in the fair village village, between 1 and 2 floor nearby, with food stalls, environment is very noisy. Every tomb-sweeping day, according to some residents, or death, Mr Qi baishi’s posterity, student or community to come to visit, is relatively cold and cheerless.

has often been relieving themselves in the graveyard

for village for decades, and now suddenly the cause of the migration, contacted the qi baishi’s great-grandson JiJingShan yesterday. Tells a reporter, he decided to migration is the common hope of the family, is also the result of the think twice. & other; Mr Qi baishi died and was buried in there since 1957, after there is hunan cemetery, before the construction of the residential area, the environment will become no longer calm after, is no longer suitable for cemetery was laid. Throughout the &; JiJingShan admitted that eventually decided to move graveyard are two main reasons: one is the people often urine around the cemetery, uncivilized behavior has seriously affected the graveyard status; Second, considering some residents will.

JiJingShan said the new qi baishi’s tomb has been identified as golden hill cemetery in the western hills. & other; Cemetery to the overall relocation, so for new cemetery also have certain requirements, before has been selected, the decision to golden hill cemetery, is expected to officially moved in around July in the past. Throughout the &;

residents busy taking photos as a memento

then, haidian district council, Mr. Zhao told reporters, director of the cultural relics had & other; Because the cemetery need the overall relocation, difficult, is currently in detecting underground. Throughout the &; Mr Zhao said, qi baishi posterity has signed a letter administration of cultural heritage, is put forward for the concerns of the grave situation and resettlement, last year by the Beijing municipal administration of cultural heritage and haidian Wen Wei examination and approval, the migration work started on June this year.

yesterday, the reporter found that when wei gong village, village to visit on the migration of qi baishi’s tomb, the reflection of residents are also different. & other; I have lived here for more than 20 years, since I moved to qi baishi’s tomb is here. And this have been said to demolition but has no movement, heard that the cemetery has moved, demolition and is about to begin. Throughout the &; Ms. Li said. & other; Now the nearby environment is not suitable for the cemetery, with food stalls, in addition to the smoky, littering, often someone to urinate, moving is the best choice. Throughout the &; Residents, said Mr Zhang last week that the graveyard for resettlement, he was the first time to take the camera to record the graveyard the final image, & other; After all, is the tomb of painting and calligraphy masters, hope reserved for memorial. Throughout the &; Clue: Mr Cui

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reporter Peng Xiaofei