Qian xuesen, xu zhimo, qiong precious jade and gold yong is relative

recently, some netizens for martial-arts novelist Louis cha’s why several troubled cousin image made alternative mining, unexpectedly found Jin Yongyou an equally famous cousin & ndash; & ndash; Xu zhimo. This & other; Found throughout the &; Immediately stunned by netizens, many of the netizen, said understand why jin yong’s cousin all Grosvenor LTD is handsome, occasion! Under Internet users continue to dig, found in jin yong’s in-laws blood relatives celebrities and qian xuesen, mu Dan, qiong precious jade, based, looked into many noble family genealogy in modern times, found a lot of our well-known celebrities are relatives.

Mr Jin yong was born in zhejiang haining noble family home, haining museum of local history researchers Wu Dejian participated in revision of the latest version of the chavez family tree, the tree a good six volumes, from a total of 22 jinshi, and created & other; A 10 “jinshi”, an uncle five throughout the academician &; The imperial mythology. Into the modern times, home also appeared industrialists za jimin, educator LiangZhao, representative poets, translators “nine leaves school poets check LiangZheng (Dan). Among them, the za jimin has held the first Hong Kong affairs adviser of the state council in 1992, thus won the issued by the government of the Hong Kong special administrative region and other DaZiJing medal & throughout; .

in addition to these check name flow, make the netizens is amazing, the original department of jin yong’s family tree beside the affinity also appeared a lot of familiar names, in addition to mu Dan is jin yong’s cousin, aunt, jin yong’s mother Xu Lu is xu zhimo hall is jin yong xu zhimo cousin, jin yong’s cousin check LiangMin married three jiu Yuan Hangyun qiong precious jade, qian xuesen’s father-in-law, baoding military academy principals based his first lady Jane and jin yong consanguinity is aunt nephew, so Jiang Ying is jin yong’s cousin, and based the adjutant was yes son Jiang Wei countries. And China’s famous ancient buildings & other; Rectify the master & throughout; Cao is jin yong’s brother-in-law, when the Beijing Devon community actors wen-liang zhang has died, check LiangXie, is jin yong’s uncles brothers.

but Jin Yongceng said in an interview, xu zhimo died early, and his contact is not much, I was a child, with mother back to the xu jin yong, seen the brilliant and cousin. Xu zhimo has came back from the study in Britain at that time, at the university of Cambridge’s best-known “written a poem has been popular.

as for mu Dan, as a result of jin yong for haining check, check and mu Dan out of tianjin, it is said that two people a lifetime have never met. (reporter ya-ping hu)