Qianlong broadsword 48.3 million for collectors and lose 15.71 million (FIG.)

qing qianlong Jin Tao sheath day word 17 proton broadsword


qing qianlong Jin Tao sheath day word 17 proton broadsword

hammer with 42 million yuan price calculation, after deducting commission, insurance and individual income tax, to send people would get only 36.12 million yuan. If the seller is from sotheby’s Hong Kong in 2008 to spend 51.83 million yuan to buy nod to collectors, so he will pay 15.71 million yuan.

on her autumn 2012, a known as the national treasure of qing Jin Tao sheath day word 17 proton broadsword hammer to 42 million yuan, clinch a deal valence is 48.3 million yuan. Media widely to clinch a deal for joy. Behind the little-known fact is: this broadsword in Hong Kong auction is close to 52 million yuan, collectors investment 4 years, now sold, lost more than 1500 ten thousand yuan.

according to introducing, this royal drive makes Numbers for & other; Day 17 & throughout; , knives, called & other; Proton & throughout; Waist is qianlong emperor personally, made 47 years does take place, bend force of 90 drive makes one of broadsword. This 90 the broadsword to & other; Heaven, earth, human & throughout; False number, each size 30. In addition to a small number of dial and looted, the $90 for the most part the broadsword is collection museum in Beijing. Participate in the auction of this broadsword is folk remaining qianlong drive makes known broadsword, is a state-level cultural relics.

of life and a higher valuation, make the waist to the garter autumn sales in one of the most popular items. In the previous preview, bidders for the national level cultural relics has set up a booth to display for the individual, display appraisal to ask price.

the organizers, spare no effort to promote the auction before they can keep the appetites of collectors, they said this broadsword worth hundreds of millions of yuan, is likely to become the highest auction price items. Therefore, a close to the end of the auction, the auction floor sudden flooding many viewers, waiting to watch the broadsword auction. The auction after dropping the hammer, although there is competition for other items, but half the audience went away, the popularity of nod.