Qianlong investigation top secret: over corruption in the officialdom in gansu province is one of the empty

in this paper, from the grey survival, ZongChengHao, chongqing publishing house

& other; Gansu corruption & throughout; Reminiscent of the Hong Kong gang in the common pattern: a gang leader, to put a gun or a machete to a person’s hands, let him kill another was beaten someone who has no resistance ability, this person is usually his men or are about to become men, and there is no crime experience, to a certain extent, but also very decent.

we all know that the purpose of doing that, you killed the man with us, you are the accomplice, is one of their own. Now that you are one of their own, do not have to worry about you betray us.

the officialdom, gansu province, was a & other; The interests of the community & throughout; . Who is not a person in a fight, as one of the molecules, who all don’t want to totally. How can you not to play with you, trust you? You don’t want to work with us, is not on the way, do not touch, promotion, promotion only. Black together. In JiangGang environment like that, don’t expect everyone to do a immune & other White crow & throughout; .

this kind of situation, I call the officialdom & other; His black & throughout; Effect.

the modern social folk & other; Throughout the four iron &; After the two say is this kind of phenomenon, & other; Together with a window, carrying a gun, the tactics of child sexual abuse, points together after gifts & throughout; . & other; His black & throughout; Cultured is & other things; Together & throughout; , everyone is one of them in the same boat, the same concern for each other into the fate of the universe.

in seven years, continuous to lie about the province to the years of drought is a high-risk behavior, if not all the official collective cooperation, played a & other; His black & throughout; Effect, usually it is very easy to be exposed. To do & other; His black & throughout; , it must will be out of the power chain every official down into an accomplice, most of the time, even the good man cruelly forced into a bad man.

the massive corruption case the culprit, not others, it is the emperor was very dependent on his Dan king of provinces.

king Dan hope is the shanxi linfen people, is a through the juren donate, magistrate of a county to the official career, successive, magistrate of a county magistrate. Thirty-nine years of qianlong (1774), he from kyou-kan originally, transfer of gansu province of gansu province governor, specifically for the task to receive donated food.

at the time, gansu province is one of the poorest provinces throughout the country. For the area every year book of allocating a huge amount of money to buy food, to the victims of the pension local, local Chinese troops and relief supplies in xinjiang.

qianlong twenty-three years (1758), the qing government regulation: states county millet seed storage. The big states 1 mangoku, zhongzhou county store 8000 stone, small states deposit 6000 stone, unified national standards. Then according to the actual situation, the amount of grain reserves in local region. At that time, backward area such as gansu province, there is no other income, the local people depends on two acres of marginal to maintain their livelihood. Good crop year, ordinary people are hard to mouth, if stand on disasters and eating became a big problem. Government also introduced a special pension policy in this region: the great province counties valley 2 mangoku, zhongzhou county 16000 stone, small counties 12000 stone. Due to large differences between regions, according to different types, the court will often make different standards.

to save the state Treasury spending, qianlong 25 years (1760), the qing court approved and gansu provincial merchant tribute to donate guo-zi-jian diploma, on-site to solve the lack of food. Guo-zi-jian diploma, that is, the imperial college students. Master in literature, for example, cao xueqin’s granduncle Cao Quan, uncles Cao Yan, Cao Yong are & other; Donate, guo-zi-jian diploma & throughout; Was born. Guo-zi-jian diploma is not the actual positions, but & other; In the order of & throughout; . Typically, reader need through the layers of the imperial examinations, qualify as “jinshi” to him. But for those dignitaries, giants super-rich, they don’t have to take layers of test, as long as the money to buy the identity of the guo-zi-jian diploma, after having obtained, metropolitan examinations can directly participate in open a shortcut to enter officialdom, this is called & other; Donate, guo-zi-jian diploma & throughout; . For them, money is not the problem, not to donate guo-zi-jian diploma is a big problem, through a few channels, strive for an early official wealth for power, and then use power for wealth escort, feedback is a best buy and sell.

13 back to have a dream of red mansions Jia Zhen to da zhang intrauterine phase Dai Quan as Jia Rong buy five dragon ban commandant rank a wonderful description:

Dai Quan knowing, because of say with smile: & other; & hellip; & hellip; Both our children to donate, quick to write a resume. Throughout the &; Jia Zhen busy life to write a piece of red paper resume & hellip; & hellip; In the sedan chair, Jia Zhen for q: & other; Silver or against me to the department, or as to the phase in old house? Throughout the &; Dai Quan way: & other; If the ministry, you hurt again. Stabilization is better than one thousand two hundred pieces of silver, and sent to my home. Throughout the &;

is a spendthrift, determined in accordance with potential QiuRong dude, one is read in ecstasy, wont pocketing a wily old fox. They clearly is in the power of the back door, bribery, but how to do, grandiose, and stretch.

in gansu province at that time just because of the way quickly opened a grey power network. Both people ran to the turf after buying guo-zi-jian diploma title, gansu province, they do not expect to bring into the imperial academy to study. Get the guo-zi-jian diploma after the title, they shall enjoy the same rights and scholar, can be directly after having obtained into the metropolitan examinations in officialdom, guo-zi-jian diploma qualifications plus high class.

why when there are so many foreign ran up to the border of gansu & other Donate, guo-zi-jian diploma & throughout; ? Is mainly due to open in gansu province donate is much lower than other place, each guo-zi-jian diploma only donate MaiDou forty to stone. When a stone or 28 kg, 40 to 50 stone is equivalent to 1400 kg, according to today’s market price is 3000 yuan of money.

this is just the implementation of a few years, it has exposed many malpractices. Those handled raked in fishing, local officials the opportunity to divert to donate the money, some suspicion for physical too troublesome, need to fold the cashier two, simply accept money directly. After a long time, the government is also found out the base number, had to be ordered to suspend the gansu province donate. Stop to donate, the court had to recover money purchase for the old. At that time, the fact to gansu province every year several hundred thousand two silver dial one hundred to purchase food.

allows the qianlong emperor felt strangely, although oneself to gansu PiBo special fund every year, a yearly report came up to the region, cried and cried Qian Shaoliang deficiency. Although said, the child will cry there is milk to eat, can always cry so endlessly, hard to avoid can let a person suspicious, because the court is in accordance with the standards of catastrophe as the year of the transfer.