Qianlong severely damaged GuJianZhe carving scratch: heavy reach and fired out of the palace

since ancient times, there are always some people when visiting places of interest, optional on the ancient buildings depict some & other; & times; & times; Visit & throughout; Such as text, of primitive simplicity magnificent ancient buildings left very awkward notch. The thought of more than 230 years ago, the emperor of deliberately stained ancient Forbidden City action a harsh punishment.

forty years qing qianlong (1775) on 14 November, the qianlong emperor (sedan chair) to take the chariot ShouAn palace visit huang toffee. When the path is located in the imperial city in the northwest corner of the main hall next to the soldiers value (night shift) late dial room (office), the trace of trance saw a portrait on the door.

after the early the next day, emperor qianlong had arrived from dried directly qing in the main hall at the side of the soldiers value dial room later, take a closer look at, there are very obvious depict trace on the door, depicting a vice go dish, about a foot square, board with the above & other; Static wait and think, the enlightenment and Ming & throughout; Eight words. He flew into a rage: immediately & other; The forbidden palace is the power of the antiquities, carrying three hundred years of history, can optional features? Minister, army and is stem what of? Throughout the &; With him and to minister blessing from the hurriedly knelt down before the emperor qianlong: & other; For the dereliction of duty, for lack of supervision, as the minister held accountable, long live the punishment, please! Throughout the &; & other; So bold, rushed to track down the music, shall not be wrong! Throughout the &; Emperor qianlong said, angrily left. Can’t snub, immediately following the blessing from the pick another organization survey.

track down several times, finally find out the vice board and from the text is a white flag into class escort deqing characterizations. Originally, deqing very good game, and with a knife in the portrait of a dial on the door of room vice go dish, so that when on duty to ponder chess board, at the same time, carved above the board & other; Static wait and think, the enlightenment and Ming & throughout; Eight characters, & other; Encourage & throughout; oneself & other; The perpetrator & throughout; I have found, blessing from the immediately summoned officer to discuss the case.

blessing from the speech way: & other; In the main hall next to the heap of dial the area for NaGong worship the Buddha’s pure land, in the main hall is the buddhist temple of NaGong, 36 years (1697) sets & lsquo; In the main hall to chant buddhist scripture in & rsquo; Lama buddhist sutras, head of house and office building of Buddha, emperor qianlong had QinTi plaques & lsquo; Burning endless light & rsquo; Four characters. So buddhist holy land, management should be clear, is it random carving graffiti? Class and into the guard deqing dare so ruthless, what belong to no state, should replace whatever. Throughout the &; Agreed, the case will immediately report the holy, and immediately get the royal group of qianlong emperor, in addition to the deqing heavy back (with a whip rod or bamboo boards), out of the palace, the secretary and manager by every six brother, guard troops at the head of the chapter on duty, protect the Beijing officials (eps), protecting the succession chapter army Beijing, and so many people, the per capita pay office meeting place respectively, after the case is more than a month.

the qianlong emperor in the near future a up early, and ministers also talked about the case: & other; The forbidden palace for more than three hundred and fifty, is the antiquities, and rightly care, due to the flow of deqing antiquities, optional features stained, will be tougher treatment, a move aimed at warning imperial secretary and his advisers who and antiquities in regardless of stained at random, and all will be punished. Throughout the &; Have a great vibration in the court, Forbidden City not happened since in ancient carving at random over things.

this shows, the qianlong emperor how attaches great importance to the protection of ancient buildings, despite his punishment of deqing and collective punishment in today’s view is too harsh, but does play a & other; The boy & throughout; And effectively protect the ancient architecture.