Qianlong’s life have a passion for writing poetry writing the script More than 43000 first no one see script writing a poem


is a qing dynasty qianlong as a monarch, in & other; High & throughout; Played an important role in maintaining national unity and promote cultural and educational development, stable, have certain contribution. As a despot, however, has long been surrounded by flattery, unavoidably smugness, in joke and don’t even know it.

life poetry writing more than 1, 43000, than tang (more than 1, 42000), assuming that he would write poetry, from birth to also want to write a day on average 1.34 first. His works can only do is level and oblique tones, stack and carve, future generations will seldom him as a poet, but he feel is very good, there will be poems le stone, hope after the world.

in addition to writing poetry, he also wrote plays, but not many people know.

in 1793, ma ending ernie’s visit to China, hope to establish trade relations with China, emperor qianlong attaches great importance to this. After Nebuchadnezzar chu war, the qing victory over Russia, both by way of tribute, set up the trade, qianlong hope to also use this way to deal with the British.

in order to let the angels dumbfounded, qianlong painstakingly, told stood on the watch along the way, banned the mission staff contact with the people, to give them a qing dynasty particularly strong impression. Pronounce yuanmingyuan were specially for megatron´ the other party, the reception site, design of lang shining, shining is in western architecture as the main body, particularly magnificent, enough to show the qing. Horse, however, the ending ernie to shining, and didn’t feel surprised, this let qianlong feel frustrated.

the ending with horse ernie debate on whether to adopt the ritual, qianlong is not a creature of habit, actually in front of the reception of the ending ernie ma mission, has special ordered the Russian mission need not ritual, her only Russian etiquette can, he was also charged to Russia’s diplomatic personnel, see the tsar must kneel down nine knocking.

in qianlong heart, there is always a kind of idea, thought made obeisance as long as each other, then everything can be loose, rather than lower your gesture, and if the person is not surrendered, then there should be one thousand ways to let the other side obedience.

in order to make the ending he kneel, qianlong have struggled to finally thought to influence the barbarians, art the most persuasive. So he set out to write a kunqu opera script, called the “universal dressing”, in wenchang emperor, the four dragon king, tripterygium wilfordii, dianmu o., finally lined up of sea turtles, performed by the gods NianBai & other; It was ten thousand, throughout all dressing & also; End.

the feast on the day what is in the play, out of the eight play in the day, take 5 hours, the show is a major axis, but the horse the ending he didn’t understand, he could see there are a lot of land, sea animals, thought is in praise China wedded to the sea.

qianlong play a lot, such as kunqu opera “eight YuTing Yi dance”, is still XiChui praise yourself, not only did he write, and change, review the folk drama, often encounter the banned words to do to correct them. It is interesting to note that the universal dressing in late jiaqing, stole two edition, used for house, is the sort of praises.

poorly written script, publicity nature also failed to achieve, the horse the ending he finally refused to kowtow, China has lost a rare historical opportunity, but I can’t lose, qianlong mouth and with his statement, & other; China powder products, offering the original not by foreign goods to pass any & throughout; . Is powerful, but it is a stupid thing.

the data mainly from “Beijing tzu chi & middot; ‘