Qing dynasty shocking sentence: the thief sentenced to stab surface because of the need to modify the shorn of heavy sting

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article/Cao Suning

the late qing empire withdrew Chen Hengqing village after the “owned by qing tan”, said to the thief face deficit, he stabbed & other; Secretly & throughout; Word, rather than a stroke more multifarious & other Secretly & throughout; Words, let the deficit by less bitter. Chen’s suggestion is really very kind elder.

according to Chen, also have in those days full of han empire to & other; Secretly & throughout; And & other Secretly & throughout; The bickering. If only & other; Throughout the academic schools of thought contend &; Also just. Is absurd, some suggestion and advocated thorn & other; Secretly & throughout; And start first for strong, let a person was stung by a thief in the face. Another suggestion and quit, feel or want to stab & other Secretly & throughout; . Do how? Shave have pierced the word off to sting. What a tragedy, the thief fell to the two hands, the dim and distant past, poured a mould.

this song dynasty have ray. Notes of the song dynasty barnyard grass kind account, the year Liu Mou, let a person be in distributing the prisoner’s face deficit: & other; Trevor CiPei throughout a city & state prison; . Someone, & other; Throughout the &; Words mean extrajudicial torture, as a special case, only the prisoner’s sentence, and is within the scope of criminal law.

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and extrajudicial torture, also is not within the limits of the year. The year a listen to lu, the original is such, that line, put & other; Throughout the &; Words to blow. Liu Mou since & other; Well-known throughout the &; , even in politics (deputy prime minister) know him & ndash; & ndash; On the face is the draft of the year in suzhou.