Qing xuantong diploma exposure “eight dragons” border was great ambition (FIG.)

s reporter Xu Xiaojie

& other; You have never seen a diploma! Pro, bask in your diploma bai, below for qing xuantong three years (1911) issued by the fujian thammasat July school diploma, is one of the earliest diploma I pavilion keep s. A lace & lsquo; Eight dragon & rsquo; , embedded in the four corners & lsquo; Diploma & rsquo; , the forward ever! Throughout the &; Yesterday at 12 32 points, provincial archives in the official weibo & other; Big throughout fujian memory &; Released this tweet, weibo pictures behind the diploma is a piece of paper yellowing. Weibo a release, many netizens attention.

reporter sees from weibo illustrated, diploma looks like a notice board, diploma, within the frame around the four corners reads & other Diploma & throughout; 4 words, deserve to go up again & other; Throughout eight dragon &; Frame, frame, dense were covered with writing, the last is closing time & other Xuantong three years July & throughout; , diploma above also built a lot of red seal.

this diploma belongs to who? What behind the story? Reporters then contacted the archives staff in fujian province. The staff member tells a reporter, issue diploma of school is fujian government higher thammasat school, the school is also one of the earliest established colleges and universities in our province after the abolition of the imperial, in site of aofeng academy deeply, was the highest institution of fujian higher legal talent.

it is reported that fujian province government higher thammasat school in May, 1907 began to recruit students. According to historical records, when the imperial examination system was abolished, many young people dream of seeking the road to salvation through constitutional, so the candidates are eager, admitted to more than 400. That year until June of 1910, the first graduates 185 people, is this train for fujian province first batch of legal talent.

according to introducing, the provincial archives collection 2 Zhang Qingchao xuantong two years and three years (i.e., 1910, 1911) in fujian government higher thammasat school student’s diploma, degree gainer to shock and zhang 璲 Finn. Diploma is made of rice paper lithographic printing, 56 cm long, 50 cm wide.

degree of text is divided into two parts, the first part for 33 years (1907) released by the cabinet on November 21st, the queen mother an imperial decree, a total of 16, 873 words. In addition, the diploma is also contains the subject name, faculty name, graduation exam score, age, domicile of origin, three generations of parents of students, supervision (principal) name, date of insurance, graduation card number, etc. 2 diploma awarded are Zheng Xiguang thammasat school supervision, and the official stamp. Diploma in the upper left stamp & other; Fujian province thammasat school through & throughout; Seal, middle stamp & other; The department of fujian province to learn to make printing & throughout; , the two seals are in design. Look from the top student zhang 璲 fenn’s diploma, at the time of classes, a total of 23 door, contains the general ethic morality, law, finance, economics, etc.