QinShiHuangDi cemetery overall layout proved for the first time By the flood

emperor cemetery has a twofold walls are widely spread, but specific what kind of cemetery and walls wall towards the influence of academic issues, such as has been known. For solving the puzzle, shaanxi archaeological workers since early 2010 a large number of archaeological investigation and exploration work, has proven the mausoleum of hadrian was grand total of about 10000 meters long the twofold wall of the parcel.

qin shi huang is outer urban inner city & other; Larger version & throughout;

people are used to admiral QinShiHuangDi cemetery of twofold wall is called the inner and outer urban. Within the inner city southern half, core stands tall horses of qin shihuang’s mausoleum. Then, the spatial relations between two walls?

according to the exploration, QinShiHuangDi cemetery outside the inner city of north and south wall respectively with that of the south north wall to keep the same distance, the data is 420 meters; Is the same, the inner city wall and the distance between the corresponding wall of outer urban things are basically the same, its data is about 185 meters. This clearly shows that, relative QinShiHuangDi cemetery in the inner city is in the outer urban center.

in fact, the center part of the space configuration characteristics, especially in outer urban is the result of amplification in proportion to the inner city. Measured, QinShiHuangDi cemetery outside the city east, west wall, the length of about 2187 meters, in the east, and west wall length is about 1337 meters, the proportion coefficient is 1.63; South of the city, the length of the north wall is 969-972 meters, the length of the south, the north wall of 591-598 meters, the proportional coefficient of 1.63. Twofold wall of the total length of about 10000 meters.

expert estimates, QinShiHuangDi cemetery in the outer urban area of about 2125800 square meters, the inner city has a total area of about 799500 square meters, the proportion coefficient is about 2.66, about the previous ratio of 1.63 square meters. Combined with external walls for synthetic basically same proportion within the walls of the amplifier, the result of the amplification coefficient of about 1.63, and the proportion of the outer urban is its inner city & other; Larger version & throughout; . Of course, to understand the symbolism of this data, it remains to be studied.

structure markedly different inside and outside walls

at first the archeologists have been think QinShiHuangDi cemetery inside and outside walls at about 8 meters wide, the structure should be the same, but significantly different archaeological conclusion.

according to the cemetery in the south of the city wall of digging, show that the south wall base of 8 meters wide, 3.5 meters wide wall body, according to the wall of inside and outside has a profile, profile room building 1.37 1.4 meters wide, aproll 0.93 0.98 meters wide. But outside the cemetery structure form of the city wall, wall width in 7.2 meters, now found no profile and aproll construction sites and construction materials, its architectural form is very different from the wall.

in addition to the structure on the ground, archaeological researchers also figure out the inner city wall of the three-dimensional construction way. Within the north wall try to dig, for example, first of all, the earth’s surface from the qin dynasty down excavation of a 8.35 m wide and 8.35 meters deep trough, then step by step a ram hit 2.24 m high of rammed earth wall of rammed earth foundation. At that point to note is that the park north of rammed earth foundation is higher than the original surface is 0.38 meters, 0.3 meters higher than the original surface, the south central to the basis of rammed earth rammed earth foundation earth backfill covered up in a row, ground into a slope, have the effect of protective wall and wall.

today, although the basic clear cemetery inside and outside wall of shape and structure, the structure should have the function of the difference caused by different, but the walls on the overall situation is not optimistic, many present for a period of a slope, especially in the height of the wall, the top of the wall of building, and so on and so forth is difficult to know, to leave an infinite regret.

had been the danger of flooding

for QinShiHuangDi cemetery of scientific archaeological work originated in 1962, at the time of shaanxi cultural relics management committee organized to QinShiHuangDi cemetery first comprehensive archaeological investigation, surveying and mapping out the first cemetery plane layout diagram, found many relics park and other relics. But by two thousand years of natural and man-made destruction, the ancient landform has great changes.

since 2010, in order to provide national ruins park planning and construction of first-hand archeological exploration data, qin shi huang mausoleum of hadrian near the cemetery park and the team has carried on the test parts, first find today’s cemetery terrain mainly is the danger of flooding by the southern mountains, make long-term formed inside the cemetery and there is a multiple channel.

exploration survey, QinShiHuangDi cemetery (especially southern) more than natural destruction mainly comes from the river floods. Judging from the geographical position, the most damaging a river flood, should come from mount li biggest mountain pass north ditch. This article by the outer urban river on the east side into the cemetery, scour destroyed the cemetery at the southeast of outer urban, and into the cemetery in the east, along the east pour down between inside and outside the city to the north, which caused great damage to cemetery in eastern region of the remnant.

remarkably, QinShiHuangDi cemetery of north-central area may also be from the east side of the flood, inside and outside the two parts of the flood work together made the most of the east wall segments by different degrees of damage, outer urban northeast area most serious damage.