Qiu Qiming: dating show “24” connotation Women can’t

he was CCTV news channel, “24 hours” of the host, he Ceng Yingan said netizen called & other; Anger throughout the host &; , and now he is the hunan TV dating show “let’s date” of the new host, the transformation of Qiu Qiming caught the attention of the media and public. 15, in changsha to record a new “let’s date” clearance, Qiu Qiming break the silence, for the first time accepted the media interview, he said to “let’s date” is the premise of this is entertainment programs must not, must have the connotation of “24”, although he transformation, but not a change of heart.

– talk about his former club

killed no thought of leaving CCTV

Qiu Qiming was CCTV host, in June 2010, live in CCTV news channel, “24 hours”, Qiu Qiming interrupted several times to introduce flood officials, netizens called & other; Anger throughout the host &; In march Qiu Qiming post in weibo, discontent, then he will leave has been linked with a CCTV. June, hunan TV Qiu Qiming and formally signed, replace ajit hosting dating show “we date”.

to leave CCTV Qiu Qiming admitted that he didn’t want to killed before, & other; As a news anchor, the best platform is CCTV, I killed also didn’t want to leave. But I don’t want to go with the flow, I took the money, just want to do something. Throughout the &; Looking back on it, Qiu Qiming, said he would like to thank three years of the CCTV, & other; Without these three years, hunan will not pay attention to me, the media also won’t pay attention to me. Throughout the &;

Qiu Qiming said, his idol is bai yansong, chai jing, & other; Since 2002, I have to concentrate on doing the people’s livelihood programs, are not interested in other programs. As their age, contact a lot of people’s livelihood news, understand the society public demand, especially vulnerable groups demand, I feel a responsibility to do something. Throughout the &;

– talk about the new owners

promise not to let women on the show

the new owner, hunan satellite TV, Qiu Qiming focused on mutual respect, & other; I was not going to come to hunan, but I know that hunan satellite TV variety show in China is doing the best, come out many good colleagues, such as Wang Han, ajit, li xiang, liweijia, xie & hellip; & hellip; They picked me to host “let’s date”, is want to find a more rational, have independent thought, has the life experience of the host, my children were three and a half years old, I am more certain than young host. Throughout the &;

from the news anchor, to show the host, the transformation of Qiu Qiming attention. He said before the audience on television, see only the upper body, this time we can see the whole body, he can have a lot of body movements, can wear more fashionable clothes, & other; I don’t want to mention old club things too much, don’t know the somebody else is high not happy, but I have to say, I to host “let’s date”, the program must have the shadow of the “24 hours”, have hosted by chai jing and I “saw” the shadow of the weekend, I type, but my heart remains the same. Throughout the &;

Qiu Qiming never thought let’s date is entertainment, & other; If the producers say now, I would rather tear up the contract, lose money I also quit, this should be a sincere interaction of the youth dating show. Throughout the &; In Qiu Qiming view, dating show is not only the men and women talk about love to eat what food, what, what things, & other; If it is so simple, I will not come, on these people, constitute a small society, I hope that the audience listened to their voice and thoughts together with me. Throughout the &;

Qiu Qiming guarantee, he presided over the show, will never let would rather sit in the car crying like gold diggers, & other; I am holding to destroy the idea of gold diggers, I respect everyone’s real ideas, but can’t let this kind of person, this is the principle. Throughout the &;

– talk about controversial

not upstage guests seriously listen to

last week, the first shows hosted Qiu Qiming, lens to capture more is the Qiu Qiming patient observation, to stir up emotions, such as the audience didn’t & other; Sharp anchor & throughout; , saw a cool yuelao instead. Refers to the Qiu Qiming too seriously, some of them with a pair of anchor face, & other; Humor is not enough, appear more rational & throughout; That Qiu Qiming calm response, & other; In this stage, I am a listener, I listen carefully to every guest’s dialogue, listen, I’m like a fool, like a nymphomaniac. For entertainment show host, may be timely for your entertainment, but I think the most important thing is that men and women show guest, the country-and I am a man, let them speak out your heart, I didn’t expect to show off yourself. Throughout the &;

Qiu Qiming, according to retain a serious news anchor and rational, and hunan satellite TV to his demands, & other; Producer said, will not change you, you give us the impression that all sense of responsibility, integrity, principle, attitude and expression is not to change, the more the better personal characteristics, that is the special of the show. Throughout the &;

to show the former host ajit, Qiu Qiming grateful, he had openly in the show thanks to ajit to laid a good foundation. Yesterday, Qiu Qiming jokes, he did not rob ajit job, & other; His new show want to uproot shayna the ever-changing higher-ups show, don’t have so much time, would like to ask me, I promise. Throughout the &;

Each family

his wife for the first time to participate in discussion program

Qiu Qiming wife Li Han is dragon TV the Oriental noon news presenter, as peers, Qiu Qiming, said he and his wife never discuss programs, & other; Because she is all the air, I didn’t study, we have difference on the concept of news, and never talk about these. I presided over this time we date, she gave me crazy ‘letter, SMS, constantly send her & lsquo; Imperial edict & rsquo; Sometime, for example, I should be further pressed by something, what will be better. Throughout the &;

a & other; Anger & throughout; News anchor, everyday on entertainment headlines, Qiu Qiming said his wife would inevitably curiosity, & other; Want to see you every day of her husband, what transformation into, look from her evaluation, my transition is in the exam. I give my score is also pass, space is very big. Throughout the &;

, Qiu Qiming will also share his love, marriage, want to give guests some infections and prompt. In Qiu Qiming opinion, love is mutual understanding, each other containing, & other; Love is a kind of chemical reaction, after that time, the next is what appearance, should have the same feelings, is family, understand each other, each other containing, is constantly change for each other, even shrink back yourself, into a family of blood is thicker than water. Throughout the &;

don’t want to known fear hype

thought interview there will be a lot of taboo, but Qiu Qiming sincere than my imagination, he frankly talking job-hopping, questioned, even exposure of his love, thinking be as clear as he on the anchor.

at the end of the interview, Qiu Qiming repeatedly told reporters that don’t take his something infinite amplifier, make the title party, he doesn’t want to famous, more don’t want to be. He said only want to do your duty, to work earnestly, play the job. He said hope to be able to live up to his, live up to their platform, live up to this profession, until get society and nation. Although has the news anchor serious and careful, but Qiu Qiming never lack of sincerity and entertainment.