Qiu Qiming turned to become matchmaker appearance is the same: keep the bottom line refused to vulgar

Qiu Qiming from CCTV after leaving office, the first appearance as a host of hunan satellite TV, the Dragon Boat Festival is involved in the new “let’s date” the latest issue of the recording. Qiu Qiming said this is the first time on dating person, with column group, to adapt to the new form of programs, and other It news commentary program before and I have not the same place, hope I can hold & throughout; .

has released Qiu Qiming hunan TV AD, in Qiu Qiming as his voice, & other; No matter where, I’m still me, a no tie, some of the vicissitudes of life of man. Face of change, is the same, is to stick to a naked. We turn type, not change of heart & throughout; . And ajit co-host “let’s date” Qiu Qiming, shape with previous news anchor image, a business suit is still, even ajit tweeting regrets, & other; Too handsome, seriously jealous of & throughout; . What also do not forget to placate Qiu Qiming teacher, & other; Have you lay the foundation, I have no burden to the battle & throughout; .

according to the staff of the recording, transformation & other; Matchmaker & throughout; Qiu Qiming ambition does not change, has repeatedly broke real and sharp comments. While Qiu Qiming himself said, & other; Will not only keep the past in CCTV anchor style, also talking with a guide for men and women guests better care about each other, tolerance, more will be in the nature of life to himself in and guarantee programs throughout the effect & with humorous language; . But for him, & other; Real is the bottom line shows, will reject & lsquo; in the show Three common & rsquo; Throughout the &; .

and Qiu Qiming joined also made a lot of the audience began to look forward & other; Date & throughout; And people poking fun at this is directly to challenge if you are the one, & other; Two people (Qiu Qiming with morphy), and news anchor is also from the television, now again when together & lsquo; Matchmaker & rsquo; , is to PK? Throughout the &;