Rare 20 million ebony was found Tube department only reward 70000 discovery

Wu Gaoliang said, ebony belonging is not the most important, is even more important, & other; The most main is to a statement, even if in the end I want back to ebony, get the corresponding compensation, also want to clarify the matter, also calculate make a little contribution for China’s legal system construction. Throughout the &;

on July 26, farmers with sichuan huamin law firm lawyer zhang Wu Gaoliang formally submitted the complaint to the chengdu city intermediate people’s court, his object of litigation is tongji town of pengzhou, sichuan province.

at this point, the distractions around the sky-high ebony entered the legal process.

about suing, Wu Gaoliang the tongji town ma liu village tunnel farmers is very helpless. On 31 July afternoon, he said in a telephone interview with our reporter, he doesn’t want to engage in a lawsuit, he just want to find for ebony, or bonus, more important is he wants to like in the movie “qiu ju” lanqiu chrysanthemum, going back to a story & ndash; & ndash; & ndash; On his contract, he dug out his ebony whether belong to?

s Wu Gaoliang indictment four requests, but in recent months he township government to run three or four times a day, sometimes in order to find the government & other Theory & throughout; From the township government, the hope can return to ebony

& other; I the content of the prosecution has four parts, the first is the township government administrative law; The second is to confirm that 7 piece of ebony to the plaintiff; The third is the requirement that tongji town immediately return the 7 piece of ebony; Fourth is due to the defendant was improperly secured, ebony appear to damage, requires the defendant to compensate for 10000 yuan; The last part of all legal costs shall be borne by the defendant. From I found ebony, to begin to discover and tongji town government forced the ebony away, until I filed a lawsuit, two days ago has been more than in the past five months, tongji town has not a clear statement, also did not give me any receipt, not even a note. They mean the forestry sector give me 50000 yuan, the township government give me 20000 yuan reward, other don’t have any compensation. And I for the exploration and mining, as well as damage due to excavation of the cost of cultivated land is almost 200000 yuan, gap is too big. Throughout the &; Wu Gaoliang in a telephone interview with reporters, speaking of ebony, words have to get up.

in recent months, Wu Gaoliang no less ran the township government, sometimes need to run on three or four times a day, he also stopped transportation business. Such as is to look for government & other; Theory & throughout; From the township government, in the hope of going back to ebony. But no matter how he run, how could I find, ebony still & other; Sleep & throughout; In tongji town police station of one wall lie between the terminal yard. In civilian police shoulders on the responsibility of guarding ebony, tongji town government arrangement.