Read the auspicious patterns of the Spring Festival, “auspicious” originally “ride elephants”

auspicious patterns is an important category in the decorative arts of China, in the New Year pictures art form in the origin, connotation is rich, take for example, to readers.

happiness peace: design for fireworks, vase. Our country folk festival firecrackers, and for a long time. Legend in ancient times there was a call & other; Throughout years &; Monster, every month, 30, will hurt, one time, & other; Throughout years &; Ran through a village, and when two cowboys jilt whip, & other; Throughout years &; Suddenly hear midair applauded the ringing sound, frighten turned to run. From then on, every & other; Throughout years &; Come out of time, people set off firecrackers and have peace. & other; Happiness & peace throughout; The annual peace, happiness of life.

the doors after f: legends of tang dynasty kaiyuan years, li lung-chi lee went to mount li review exercises after back to changan, poor physical condition, spin attack malaria, is hot not cold. Physician and sorcerers lengths, all doesn’t work. After dreaming about mount zhongnan used to catch a little walk, malaria to heal. So lung-chi lee will make wu daoxuan painted doors catch GuiTu ornamental board printing, along with the origin cause and effect, wide world. Let everyone at the close of the year New Year’s eve on the door, & other; In order to eliminate pathogenic evil spirit, yi jing demon atmosphere & throughout; . Since & other; Doors of ghost & throughout; Later, also derived & other; The doors after f & throughout; , & other Used to cut demon & throughout; , & other The doors to travel & throughout; , & other The doors to marry younger sister & throughout; Such as a variety of other & other; The doors series pictures & throughout; Also anything for exorcism RangXie come in handy.

prosperity: spring scenery pattern for the magpies, plum blossom. Magpie used to be known as lucky bird in ancient times, people think that the magpies have induced a harbinger of the miraculous function, & other; Yi divination & throughout; Call the magpies Yang bird, things first, XianShi and should, its appearing happy posture, clear and bright, can be seen everywhere. & other; Carmakers spring & throughout; The magpies singing MeiZhi figure, lu xi here, the plum blossom is the flower of winter, when the fellowship in winter and spring flowering BaoChun, wedding rimmon,.


painted a handheld flexibly the boy riding on an elephant. In Buddhism, as is the Buddha sakyamuni sky ride, combine auspicious. Again & other; Ride like & throughout; With & other; Good luck & throughout; Homophonic puns. This figure implication ferro corning, New Year good luck.

happy: by ji, qing, Pisces, vases, combination. & other; Ji & throughout; With & other; Ji & throughout; , & other Qing & throughout; With & other; Igawa & throughout; & other; Fish & throughout; With & other; Yu & throughout; Homophones pun. Ancient Chinese to ji to ward off evil spirits. Qing as one of the festive play device. The fish is regarded as surplus, auspicious symbol. This figure implication happy happy happy life, rich in the New Year.