Reading painting behind: van gogh “sunflower” is caused by retinoic disease?

explanation: “victor the people”

explanation: Mona Lisa smile “

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listen to interesting about a medical school professor & ndash; & ndash; The truth hidden in the world famous medical

a decade ago, a young Chinese doctor for three consecutive days in the Louvre museum in France. Every morning, he carried a piece of bread and a bottle of mineral water line up to enter, leave until late afternoon. & other; At that time did not have a good camera, can only be stood silently watching. Pursuit of reason, the humanities concern, clinging to the science, many feelings to mind. Throughout the &; Many years later, vice President of Shanghai jiaotong university school of medicine of Huang Gang professor still relish. He didn’t expect, ten years later, he also to these paintings & other; To move reinforcements & throughout; To make up for the lack of the modern medical education.

last winter, he in Shanghai jiaotong university school of medicine to launch a new lesson: & other; Paintings of the medical & throughout; . Our reporter tang WenJia

& other; Eccentric & throughout; Medical pioneer

human anatomy was taboo in the middle ages, the Renaissance, because of doubts about the height of the anatomical textbook, visa graves in the human body skeleton, considered & other; Heresy & throughout; & ndash; & ndash; Once medical progress, is likely to terminate a future, and even killed risk.

he is not a magician, but try to capture some of the current medical education from the world famous paintings in the loss.

a night in November last year, more than 200 medical students curiously came into the classroom. Huang Gang excited place open PPT, the first picture: Rembrandt, “professor rapp’s anatomy class.

& other; This is a picture of a painting in 1632. At that time, at the age of 28, Rembrandt, at the invitation of Amsterdam’s surgeon industry association group portrait. With his clever conception, will screen characters, inner change layout, look expression and learning state stereoscopic exquisite reflected. Throughout the &; Because most of the students art appreciation ability is limited, the whole teaching, from the platform under little interaction.

& other; Rembrandt broke when all portraits, in turn, seated side by side graphic style, through an anatomy on scene, doctors sporty portrait painting. The young painter so famous. A lot of people think that Rembrandt’s painting style is of epoch-making significance, but from a medical point of view, the picture also recorded a significant change: the emergence of anatomy. Throughout the &;

anatomy foreign scientific development is very important. But the emergence of the anatomy was not all plain sailing.

& other; In the middle ages, the human body dissection is taboo, limited anatomical knowledge mainly from galen anatomy book, while the latter mainly through predicting human anatomy animal related viscera state, mistakes are obvious. At that time a student named visa, study in Paris university medical professional. His anatomy book highly suspicious of galen, therefore, he often to the unmarked grave to take out the bones, or from the gallows unclaimed bodies, to collect on their own study anatomy. Due to various heresy, he was expelled from the university of Paris, the Virginia university can only go to republic of China. Published in 1543, visa book human body structure, real opening the first page of the human anatomy. Throughout the &;

this medical school professor told the students, once, medical progress may be at risk of decollation “, but there are still many people dare to challenge authority, with practice to explore science.

this spirit of practice more typical on leonardo Da Vinci. & other; In visa before, leonardo Da Vinci is made a systematic research on the human anatomy, painting his anatomy perspective “the victor the people” is one example. And such as the Mona Lisa smile “, from the Angle of anatomy, people smile, mouth and eyes will be slightly upward for muscles to drive. But this is not, the hero of the corners of the mouth and eyes blindfolded a layer of gauze, enigmatic smile was born. Throughout the &;

it is said that leonardo Da Vinci is familiar with the human body structure, due to he has been in hospital for more than 30 bodies, thus the location of each piece of bone, muscle to the human body.

Huang Gang hope that buried in the world art history of the medical progress, aroused the enthusiasm of the students to explore science. & other; Previous teaching emphasis on knowledge memory too much, think and explore the forgotten. Throughout the &;