Real harem more bloody rivalry “musk abortion” coined for later generations

true harem more bloody rivalry

recently, Yan Chong years on “big” the second film in CCTV & other; Lecture room & throughout; Premiere. This time, the speaker Yan Chong years history in the harem untold story. Will illustrate the expert Yan Chong years to imperial palace forbidden area, tries to represent the harem, detailed interpretation of the royal family and three thousand beauties temple, this game more become in recent years, first say, natural history.


had an interview with our reporter Yan Chong brokered, actually true harem, have a good side and bad side, concubine rivalry is also recorded in the history of mischief, but also have good care for each other even.

in some TV series, concubines in competition, in order to compete for the emperor’s favor, the other to use the most vicious trick of princess. Even some courts use musk, making other loved concubine abortion. Yan Chong years explanation about the harem rivalry phenomenon do exist, and also has caused extreme framed, let each other be in limbo. The history is recorded. But musk to abort it doesn’t exist, should be coined later generations.

Yan Chong brokered a harem, and if you want to continue to others. So the first people to buy a concubine palace or the eunuch, and on the number of food poisoning, it is more. But doing so little chance of success is slim.

as maids and her chamberlains basic it is in the number of elected to temple, began to follow the master pages, their fate is associated with his master, and the master have common interests, if the host out of favour, so they are equal to lost his job, maybe are very old, and with a new owner. So in the palace, countered against others, the chance of success is small.

although picking up brides process is so big and scenery, but in fact are the assistant manager the temple of the empress dowager in running, ten thousand people beloved emperor actually can’t choose the good.

Yan Chong brokered, generally choose gold beauty from 3000 to 2000, to 1000, finally choose to remain a three beauty, the emperor would join the final choice, choose a concubine in the three beauties. & other; This difficulty as today’s beauty. Throughout the &; Yan Chong smile said.

, in the history of the imperial harem as queen, queen, queen mother of the woman, growing up is certainly worth a read women today. Yan Chong years, said this woman will be very good personal cultivation itself, is not particularly strong woman, of course can’t do that. If heart is very narrow, already angry. Their successful experiences and the success of the female model. The reporter IfengLogo Song Bohong