Real martial-arts expert: Luo Yu dart kill the Japanese li-chun xu fist of cultivated land

since the republic of China was & other; Wulin dreamworks & throughout; In nanjing, then what are the warrior left their figure, they are how to become a warrior? Who come to nanjing to teach disciples wulin, are high in where? The native of nanjing, and strong in where? Those who once mysterious only the disciple of martial arts style, unique exactly is what? Reporter picked several central martial arts teaching in nanjing, but martial arts style of different real masters, reveal to you.

sun lu-t ‘ang (1860 ~ 1933)

travel north and south, 11 provinces no rival

sun lu-t ‘ang, blessing all, taboo Tuan hebei east of the county home. At that time, the central martial arts hall, the newly established shaolin and wudang two door inside are carried out in teaching, sun lu-t ‘ang was hired as the wudang doors, office before long, he was appointed deputy director of the martial arts hall of jiangsu province and dean, left the central martial arts museum.

sun lu-t ‘ang talented, studious and childhood Li Kuiyuan worship as teacher, reading and xingyi quan 8 years, and then studied with routine teacher Cheng Tinghua to Beijing. Cheng Tinghua said to him, & other; I was staying thousands, never seen talented but again like you can concentrate on the unremitting. I think, the Yellow River north and south have no rival could beat you, you can go out for a walk. Throughout the &; So in the spring of 1886, sun lu-t ‘ang hiking alone travel north and south of 11 provinces, during the visit to shaolin, the wudang, my putuoshan, WenYouYi will be to visit, people JiaoJi in opponent.

in 1918, sun lu-t ‘ang will xingyi, bagua, tai chi boxing, unity digest, completely-new, founded the sun-style tai chi chuan. That same year he was elected President of the republic of China, close to sun lu-t ‘ang into the presidential palace, Ren Wucheng xuan officer.

at the time, the powers and national power decline, was the time that the national in peril. And at the time of the year nearly 50 sun lu-t ‘ang stupefied to challenge the famous Russian fighters petrov, when those who beat the Japanese emperor qin’s deadly warrior panel walls, a male, old and vanquished Japan five techies joint challenge, greatly improved the morale of the Chinese people.

after the outbreak of the 918 incident, the northeast fall, sun lu-t ‘ang nonresistance policy of the national government was very disappointed, resolutely resigned return to Peiping, persuade the disciple in the northern army anti-japanese organization. In 1933, the national government agreed to by the Japanese pressure in the puppet manchukuo opening postal services, sun lu-t ‘ang was deeply concerned for thief powerless, returned to their hometown after county, when the end of the year end, gone before yue: & other; My view of life and death, such as game. Throughout the &;

/classic style bagua

should be seperated is said to be the qing dynasty court martial artist Dong Haichuan transmissions, jiangsu the first routine from the central martial arts museum. Nanjing pass by sun lu-t ‘ang.

the punch for a walk, two, three, four turn as the basic principle, step on clay as the core. Go round, & other; August & throughout; The change of sixty-four palm and conversion of the four is four corner. Disease as a whirlwind, fast as lightning, former agent took, scaling up and down, head see palm, see not, have certain change rule, must change position.