Real’s father is not wulin go-between: is a respected wang2 zhong4 yang2 landlord

83 version & other; Eagle & throughout; The image of the old urchin

& other; Zhou botong real existence in history, but only a landlord, he is very respect, wang2 zhong4 yang2 will build a house in the home, give wang2 zhong4 yang2 says. Throughout the &; & ndash; & ndash; New walls –

in 2011, a pen name & other; The new walls, flat & throughout; The netizen wrote a on tianya BBS in the Cambridge history of handheld device maker e-ten dragon-slaying “, quickly became popular on the Internet. New walls, hardcore fan of jin yong, he in the works of jin yong’s novels in plot, characters, and the real history interwoven, let a person can’t read.

a few days ago, in the Cambridge concise history of jin yong’s martial arts “book. Yesterday, the reporter interviewed new walls, flat, he said, jin yong’s martial arts world although is fictional, but there are a lot of characters and the plot is very worth exploring in history.

in jin yong’s novels, many characters in a real person in history, many readers are suckers. For example, in “the legend of the condor heroes” qiu machine, the handheld device maker e-ten slew a dragon to record “zhang sanfeng and, Yuan Chonghuan” game-writing protocol sword “, etc. But new walls, flat, found that the real historical figures in jin yong’s novels far more, their fate in history and in the novel also.

modern express trainee journalist Liu Yi,

zhou botong

& ndash; & ndash; Not wulin middleman

new walls ping told reporters that zhou botong the characters and the original difference is very big. & other; The novel’s father is a, martial arts high strength but a child. But he is not even in the history of the real wulin middleman. Throughout the &; According to textual research, new walls ping zhou botong real existence in history, but only a landlord, & other; After he hear the wang2 zhong4 yang2, for he is respected, is to build a house in the home, give wang2 zhong4 yang2 says. Throughout the &;

jinlun French king

& ndash; & ndash; Venerable master

“giant” chief villain jinlun let everyone remember the great king. Many Wu Xiami took it for granted that this is a fictional character. & other; Wrong, jinlun French king is actually the real historical figures. Throughout the &; New walls, ping said, jinlun French king is not a villain in history, on the contrary, he is a highly respected in the Tibetan buddhist guru, & other; At that time the yuan dynasty to fight against Tibet, jinlun ruled out talks with the yuan dynasty generals, willing to yield to the yuan dynasty in the form of peace. Thus avoiding a violent confrontation. Throughout the &;

the princess

& ndash; & ndash; Enjoy prosperity

many readers must remember in “princess huanzhu” sweet princess, she is actually “ShuJianEnQiu record” inside the heroine of the princess. In the fiction, the princess finally to Kenneth chan and certify on himself. New walls, flat, denies that: & other Far from misery, the princess’s fate is enjoy prosperity. The princess married after qing dynasty palace, very popular. Finally her status in the palace is quite high, somewhat similar to the harem & middot; Zhen Huan biography in & lsquo; Zhen Huan & rsquo; . Throughout the &;