“Red culture” its shape Wuhan female white-collar year 46 a red envelope

the original: the female white-collar workers spent a year in 46 red envelope

& other; Red envelopes culture & throughout; Gives people a headache

who should give a red envelope? How much money to pack in the red envelopes? Also the red envelopes from somebody else? Every Spring Festival, for part of the crowd, the above problems become a pressure in my mind & other Three mountain & throughout; . & other; I bought 5 after the Spring Festival last year, a total of a total of 50 red envelope, to now only have four left. Throughout the &; Yesterday, who lives in wuchang engineering battalion community white-collar miss Chen told reporters, in the past year with lost 46 red envelopes, want some terrorist.

don’t want non-mainstream on red

miss Chen this year 29 years old, unmarried, working in a large state-owned enterprises in wuhan, the annual income of about 100000 yuan. Because of the high education, good work, she has a face, let the parents feel very and relatives of your elders, and love her very much.

however, for love is a price to pay. Miss Chen said, 46 in the red envelopes, in addition to 20 of them are colleagues, friends get married, have children with use, use other relatives elders.

she said, her maternal grandparents, grandparents, Mid-Autumn festival, Chinese New Year to give a red envelope to give 500 yuan each time. And uncle, uncle, uncle, cousin, the son of the son of children, relatives of the next generation has 15 or so, when New Year call to give a red envelope.

in addition, miss Chen is going to marry longtime boyfriend this year. After the Spring Festival, she also relatives over to her boyfriend’s part. Her boyfriend’s house in the countryside, she says, many relatives, New Year is not for children red envelopes is taboo, a total of consume her ten red envelopes.

& other; Although my income is not low, but now much more red envelope bag, heavy burden. Throughout the &; Miss Chen said, because single had no children, his bag out red envelopes are & other; Have to go without back & throughout; And sometimes think quite a disadvantage. She tells a reporter, really thought New Year did not give a red envelope, but feel too & other; Non-mainstream & throughout; , relatives would be pointing at the back, let parents and boyfriend is bad man.

package at any time with a red envelope and cash on

New Year Spring Festival, many families will be selected at the beginning of a day a few donors, invited all our relatives to the party. All kinds of usual walk few relatives, so can meet in one place.

doing business in guangzhou ms liao, yesterday was my cousin invited to his party. 32 ms liao, big business, worth millions, the idea of a strong woman and mistress is among relatives and friends.

women to wants to splash the cash, the expectations of the relatives and friends. However, because they don’t know how many people in the day to party, how many children to attend, Ms. Liao had to have two 20 a red envelope, random act in the $10000 in cash.

ms liao told reporters that the party on the same day, there are a number of distant relatives and even the son of grandchildren. As long as I saw her, the adults will led the children to come to her aunts.

& other; Aunt happy New Year. Throughout the &; Heard similar blessing, ms liao will be conditioned reflex, package, according to the closeness of the younger generation, load a different amount of cash out.

ms.liao said that money, finally found 10000 yuan in cash only 2300 yuan.

red culture gives cause family conflicts

& other; New owner for many, hezekiah gave less, your relatives, his relatives to less. Throughout the &; Because of different thickness of a red envelope, let should have and peaceful family, some contradictions emerged out of thin air.

in sina weibo, BBS local satisfied life, many netizens Posting, declare their bad mood, even trapped by a red envelope.

Internet & other; Ice spirit’s micro blue & throughout; Said, because they only gave 200 yuan red envelopes, being cold face treatment; And another called & other; Accidentally & throughout; The net friend, for many years thanks to his father to take care of the uncle, only 100 yuan red envelopes for oneself, and be up in arms.

ticket to face. Originally prepared to give the citizens of 1000 yuan each nephew a red envelope, Mr Zhang because of opposition from the wife bonus amount is halved, each pack 500 yuan only. To this, Mr Zhang was very not happy, let oneself think wife lost face in front of relatives, appear very stingy.

and citizens to Ms. Lu also with, their 3-year-old children love the road, visiting relatives and friends go to follow, so the red envelopes from many relatives. Receive a red envelope is owe a, how to pay them later, let yourself get big head. (and)